UHP hydraulic pump kits

With one of the lightest pumps in its class, these highly competent hydraulic power kits have everything needed. The light kit includes the pump and a fully tested hose kit with 3/8" NPT end fittings and a screw to connect nipple if required to connect to the tool. The professional kit also includes a carry case, a pressure gauge for accurate control of the working pressure up to 70 MPa / 10000 psi and a screw to connection coupling set.

Technical data

Material Cast and drawn aluminium, thermoplastic hose with sprial steel reinforcement, steel couplings.
Comment ISO VG15 oil recommended (not included). ISO 14540 couplings. Professional kit: EN 847-1 gauge 100MPa, with protective cover. Sealant required for NPT threads.

Ultra high-pressure hydraulic pump kit ready for instant use

Manual hand pumps for ultra high-pressure hydraulics are a mobile solution for heavy lifting and pulling operations. CEJN offers a complete kit for professional high-pressure hydraulic equipment usage including pump, couplings, hose kit and gauge, all to get your job quickly started in a safe and efficient way.


  • All required components in one easy pack
  • User-friendly final assembly video guide
  • Pressure gauge included
  • Hoses fully tested, ready to use
  • Specified and assembled in Sweden 

Everything you need to get started


Only in need of the essentials? Discover our light version.

If you just need a pump, a hose and a male screw-to-connect coupling just to make sure you get the job done with the basic components, then our pump kit light is the box to go for.  


Robust screw-to-connect coupling with high flow rate

The robust screw-to-connect coupling included in the kit has a high flow rate and ability to withstand harsh conditions. The compliance with ISO 14540 ensures complete interchangeability with other brands following the same standard. The standard version is equipped with a ball type valve, but it is also available with poppet valve for considerably higher flow performance.

Upgrade to quick connect couplings for safer and more efficient connections

Screw locks are sometimes considered by users to be time-consuming and left unscrewed. By upgrading to a quick connect coupling, the connections will be much more efficient. The safety lock feature will also ensure that the connection is complete every time, extending the security as any disconnection practically is eliminated. 

See our offer of ultra high-pressure hydraulic quick connectors


Ultra high-pressure hose with ultra high-pressure working pressure

CEJN Ultra High-Pressure hoses for hydraulics are spiralized steel reinforced polymer that has ultra-high working pressure with maintained flexibility. Its low volumetric expansion gives fast response time in hydraulic systems while smooth inner bored provides a minimized pressure drop. The small outside diameter makes the hose ideal for tight routing.


A pump that can provide the pressure

This lightweighted pump with standard NPT ports and a self-venting valve is your best companion when high pressure is needed. The pump is perfect for maintenance operations in harsh and challenging applications, giving the power to lift more than 100 tonnes without much effort.



Precise control of pressure 

The two-stage hydraulic hand pump is supplied in the professional kit with a pressure gauge as standard. The gauge provides the user with precise control over the pump's working pressure. The gauge is easily mounted onto the pump and well protected against knocks and bumps by the specially designed protective cover. 



Designed to work in even the harshest environments

Harsh environments need reliable equipment. Our high-pressure hydraulic bundle kit is designed for professional usage in various application areas with demanding environments, for example: 

  • The automotive industry 
  • Machine tool placement and installation in a workshop
  • Driving and tapping applications
  • Vehicle maintenance machines



CEJN Identification System (CiS)

CiS is a tracking solution in which every hose kit is chipped and has an individual marking and traceability based on Near Field Communication technology. This means that you can check the technical data for the hose kit and can also view an updated history log: when the hose kit was first and most recently pressure-tested and when it is time to take it out of service.

Learn more about CIS


Certified assembly by your local CEJN High-Pressure Centre

The CEJN High-Pressure Centres are located around the world for closer proximity to our markets and are all staffed by certified application experts. Each center features a hose crimping facility that assembles high-pressure hose kits to customer specifications. Every set is checked and measured before delivery for safety and performance to eliminate any risk of failure.

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