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ADS is a fully customized auto-dock system for manufacturers of hydraulic attachments. The ADS adds auto-dock functionality to existing tools and is adapted to fit any connection, making it is easy, quick and safe to use and switch between hydraulic attachments.

Upgrade your hydraulic attachments with auto-dock functionality

ADS is a complete hydraulic auto-dock solution for easy, quick, and safe replacement of hydraulic attachments. There is a growing demand for auto-dock solutions for hydraulic attachments. ADS is a fully customized auto-dock system for manufacturers of hydraulic attachments. You design the tool, and we design and manufacture the auto-dock solution to fit into your hydraulic attachment. The CEJN ADS is adapted to fit into the tools without significant design changes ensuring compatibility with existing excavator attachments. With our auto-dock system, you don't need to change your design to a new attachment standard. CEJN ADS lets manufacturers conveniently upgrade the hydraulic attachments with safe and reliable auto-dock functionality. With CEJN ADS, it is possible to integrate our long experience in quick couplings and our renowned CEJN quick coupling technology into your hydraulic attachments.


ADS auto-dock solution for hydraulic attachments
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ADS auto-dock solution for hydraulic attachments

6 reasons to upgrade your equipment with CEJN ADS solution

  • Designed for safety

    You can safely rely on the multiple safety features that will keep the tools safely connected during any circumstances. The unique hydraulic lock will remain locked even in the event of a sudden loss of hydraulic pressure.
  • Safer tool change

    Changing tools without getting out of the vehicle is both quick and safe and lets the operator stay safe inside the cabin.
  • Use existing connection standard

    With ADS, manufacturers will not need to re-design their tools to a new standard. Instead, the ADS is adapted to fit the currently used connection standard.
  • Increases productivity

    Making it easier to change attachments will both save time for tool change and ensure that the right attachment is used to carry out the tasks more efficiently.
  • Robust and efficient ADX couplings

    The ADS solution is based on renowned CEJN quick coupling technology. The seals of the robust and efficient ADX auto-couplings are protected during the entire connection sequence to minimize wear and extend the service life.
  • High misalignment tolerance

    A unique design with floating connectors allows high misalignment tolerance which prevents tool damage and makes connections more reliable.
Arden - ADS customer story
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Arden - ADS customer story

CEJN provides Arden Equipment with auto-dock solutions in a unique cooperation:

“CEJN coupling technology offers the best flow rate, is completely adapted to our attachments and the auto-dock solution prevents any type of misconnections.”

Christophe Bouillard, Design Engineer at Arden Equipment.

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Key features of the ADS auto-dock solution


Hydraulic safety lock

The hydraulic lock will prevent any risk of disconnection even in the event of hydraulic power loss.

Spring tension lock

The spring-tensioned lock adds additional security and requires hydraulic pressure to be unlocked.

Electric connectors

The ADS can be fitted with electric connectors that fit into the ADX cavity


Floating nipple block

The suspended nipple block has a floating suspension and allows even higher misalignment tolerance. Guide pins help align the coupling and make sure that couplings are protected from impact damage.

Individually replaceable couplings

Individual couplings can easily be removed for maintenance or to replace with a new coupling.

Automatic protective cover

The protective cover prevents dust and dirt from reaching the couplings affecting the performance and possibly causing leaks. The cover opens automatically when the connection plate aligns for connection and closes as the couplings are disconnected.


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ADX - The core of the ADS solution

The ADX is at the core of the ADS solution. The ADX is a durable flat-face auto-coupling designed for high flow performance and long-term reliability. High surge flow resilience makes it ideal for demanding applications within demolition and construction. With seals that are protected during the entire connection sequence, the ADX couplings have a long service life without leaks.

The misalignment tolerance is one of the key features that make the ADX ideal for auto-dock solutions. When integrated with a CEJN ADS solution, which incorporates a unique suspended nipple block, the misalignment tolerance is even higher than the specifications of the individual ADX couplings.

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What is misalignment?

In auto-dock solutions, misalignment is when the couplings' male and female parts are not properly aligned during connection. When designing a multi-coupling solution it is important to consider the misalignment tolerance, as a misaligned connection will damage the couplings and eventually wear out the o-rings and cause leaks. Certain radial misalignments will always occur and to prevent any damage to couplings the solution needs to be designed to compensate for that.

3 ways in which CEJN ADS deals with misalignment

1. With the female plate solid fastened to the machine, the male plate is fastened with a floating suspension on the tool. This will let the whole nipple block move in parallel to the female plate to be precisely aligned for the connection.

2. CEJN ADS is designed with guiding pins to properly align the blocks for the connection. The uniquely designed guiding pins are also designed to help compensate for certain misalignment.

3. Our auto-dock system is built with the CEJN ADX auto-coupling which in itself has good misalignment tolerance.

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