Breathing air hose kits

Stream-line Anti-spark

Pre-assembled breathing air hose kits with quick couplings

Technical data

Material hose Anti-spark PUR
Max working pressure (bar) 10 bar

Complete and safety tested breathing air hose kits

A certified breathing air hose kit from CEJN is compliant with the regulations contained in SS-EN14594 and 14593-1 and has gone through stringent testing at one of our hose crimping centers. With a pre-assembled hose kit, the entire process is certified and each hose kit has the highest safety measures on the market with top-quality components. CEJN has 60 years of experience in quick connect couplings and hose assembly. The true art of hose crimping does not only depend on the crimping process – but also on high-quality products and experienced personnel.


Stream-Line - A reliable connection

The Stream-Line couplings are a perfect fit for CEJN PUR hoses and it can easily be removed and reused with just a few basic tools. As crimped hoses or fittings with hose clamps will eventually start leaking, a Stream-line connection has proven to be a reliable concept that will remain leak-free during the coupling's entire service life. The Stream-line connection consists of a CEJN PUR hose with a cap nut connection to a perfectly matching quick coupler to provide a long-term reliable connection.


Inspection hole for easy hose verification

To guarantee correct assembly, a small inspection hole has been incorporated in the ferrule. During the quality control we can easily check and make sure that the hose, during the crimping process, was properly installed. You can, at any time, e.g. if your hose kit has been subjected to heavy loads, glance at the inspection hole to make sure your hose is still in safe working order.


Choose the right hose for your requirements

  Spiral PUR Hose
Low Pressure PVC Hose Low Pressure Rubber Hose
Material Ester-based Polyurethane (PUR), non-braided PVC, Polyester reinforced Nitrile rubber (NBR) with NBR/PVC cover
Couplings Series 342 couplings with Stream-Line reusable fittings Series 341, 342, 344, 345 or 346 couplings
and nipples 
Series 341, 342, 344, 345 or 346 couplings
and nipples
Max. working pressure 10 bar 15 bar 15 bar
Min. burst pressure 25 bar 60 bar 60 bar
Antistatic - -
Durability ●●●●● ●●●○○ ●●●●●
Flexibility ●●●●● ●●●●○ ●●○○○

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