Get CEJN CiS technology on your next hose kit

Get CEJN CiS technology on your next hose kit

The app update is here! Now our patented CiS (CEJN Identification System) technology make safety even more accessible to the end user, the CiS android app raises the bar once again. With CEJN CiS using NFC technology, the status of your ultra-high-pressure hydraulic hose kits are just as easy to scan as before, but now the first information on the screen after scanning clearly shows if the hose can be considered for use or not.

The app shows feedback on the hose’s status using the traffic light scheme.

1. The hose is inspected and in date. GREEN.

2. Does the hose need an inspection and pressure test YELLOW.

3. Is it too old and should be recycled RED.

All of these states show the working pressure of the hose, so there is no doubt. This updated app allows you to make clear decisions quicker concerning your safety and always have the latest information at hand. All you need is our ultra high-pressure hydraulic hose kit equipped with the CiS-tag, a cell phone and/or software.

What is CEJN CiS?
- This short movie explains the technology.