Quick Coupling Solutions for the Aviation Industry

We provide safe and reliable quick coupling solutions and tools to facilitate both the manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of commercial planes, military aircraft, private planes, helicopters, drones, and rockets.


This is how quick couplings, hoses and hose reels help make manufacturing and MRO within Aviation safer and more efficient

  • Hi-Vis hose kits and retractable hose reels to secure workplace safety
  • Efficient manufacturing using compressed air tools and high-flow safety couplings
  • High-quality breathing air hose kits and quick couplings for safe breathing during painting work or during work in other areas where respiratory protection is required
  • Ultra high-pressure quick couplings and hoses with market-leading safety features for use in riveting solutions
  • High-pressure hydraulic hand pumps capable of powering high tonnage jacks

100+ manufacturers and MRO companies within aviation have already chosen CEJN as a supplier of safe quick-connect solutions.


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Hi-Vis products increase workplace safety

Workplace floors can easily be cluttered with cables and hoses lying around as potential tripping hazards. Some of the risks can easily be eliminated by using retractable hose safety reels equipped with Hi-Vis hoses. Put hi-vis equipment on the hangar safety checklist for a safer and more efficient work environment.


Slow retraction for increased safety

Hi-Vis hose increases visibility

Easy handling - no excuses for leaving unretracted hoses on the floor

Stop ball designed to prevent tripping accidents

Vibration resistant wall mount

Easy hose replacement


Protect surrounding objects with Soft-Line

Use the SoftLine soft-cover with the eSafe couplings and the rubber protection will protect surrounding objects from damage but also add an extra layer of protection for the coupling.

Increase your compressed air efficiency

Did you know that, on average, 30% of the compressed air energy is wasted due to leaks and inefficient quick couplings?

Using the right equipment, cash can be saved and manufacturing efficiency can be increased.

Safe breathing using approved products

During aircraft maintenance, hazardous chemicals are commonly used. Jet-fuel, de-icing fluids, and lubricants are just some examples of chemicals with toxic fumes. Painting jobs also involve potentially dangerous chemicals.

Safety is critical and respiratory protection is a vital piece of equipment to protect from both long-term and short-term injuries. Make sure that you are working with equipment that is designed and tested for the task.


“CEJN's products are a good match with what we represent - quality and safety”

Niclas Rydh, R&D Manager, Sundström Safety


Sundström Safety, market leaders for high-quality respiratory protective equipment, has since 30 years been using CEJN couplings and hoses for breathing air.

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A pump that can take the pressure

The ultra-high pressure hand pumps are capable of pressures up to 2800 bar. It's the perfect companion for daily maintenance operations in the hangar, giving the power to lift more than 100 tonnes without much effort.

Safe and solid riveting with ultra high-pressure

Solid rivets with the help of ultra high-pressure hydraulics will result in long-lasting and pressure-tight rivets. Working with ultra high-pressure, requires a safety mindset. There are risks of severe injuries if not having the right safety equipment and knowledge to use it in a safe way.

Both hoses and couplings need to be of a high standard to ensure the technicians' safety and the hose needs to be tested, before taken in use, to ensure proper assembly.


Get the job done faster and safer while saving energy
- What else can you wish for?

The eSafe quick couplings for compressed air are designed for safe operation with vented disconnection to avoid potentially dangerous hose whipping effects and the high sound upon disconnection that too often is associated with compressed air. It's also designed with one of the market's best pressure drop performance. That will give you more power for your tools - which is key for compressed air to be energy efficient.


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