Auto-couplings pneumatics

Industrial automation Connection under pressure

Penumatic auto-couplings (blind-mate) for connection under full working pressure

Technical data

Nominal flow diameter 2.5 - 10.0 mm (0.1 - 0.4")
Max. working pressure 10 bar (145 PSI)
Material coupling Brass, nickel plated

Pneumatic auto-couplings for industrial automation

The CEJN Pneumatic Auto-Couplings are intended for use in automatic manifold connection systems for compressed air and other media. They have a unique valve design that enables the coupling to seal against a mating block.

  • Self-sealing couplings
  • Generous misalignment capability
  • Easy installation
  • Reduced distance to connect

Unique valve design

The unique valve design allows the coupling to seal against a mating block. The nipples are also available and can be used when double shut-off is required.


Examples of use

The couplings are suitable for a variety of applications such as transfer presses, tool-changing systems, pneumatic connections on palletizing equipment, plastic injection molding machines, robotics and automated connections of airlines.


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