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Safety Reel

The retractable cable reels keep the electric power source conveniently accessible and has an automatic spring return mechanism with slow retraction and auto-stop. The reel can easily be installed as wall mounted or in the ceiling.

Technical data

Cable dimension 3 x 1.5, 3 x 2.5
Voltage (V) 240 V
Reel material Plastic

Compact and durable extension cord reels with slowed down retraction for safety

The Safety Reel for extension cords share the same unique features with the other reels of the Safety Reel family. It can easily be mounted on wall or in the ceiling with the included metal bracket. It is a retractable reel with slow and safe retraction function where the cable can be unwinded and stopped at short intervals.



Slow retraction for safety

Strong brakes control the spring force for safe and slowed down retraction.

Easy-to-install wall bracket

The hose reel is installed on a wall or ceiling using the installation bracket. It can easily be fitted or removed from the bracket without using any tools.

Accurate cable guiding

The cable guiding ensures that the cable is securely rolled up in the casing without twists or kinks.


Stop ball that prevents tripping accidents

The more commonly used hard stop ball will roll away and be a risk of strain or tear injuries when stepped on. The soft stop ball of the CEJN Safety Reel, will collapse to minimize the risk of tripping accidents.

Thermal cutoff switch

Thermal switch can easily be reset after a thermal cutoff.




Designed to withstand the elements

The retractable cable reel is classified as IP44 as standard. That means that it is protected against solid objects and water splashing from all directions. A version with IP65 classification is also available. That means that the reel is completely dust-tight. It is tested to be protected against dust and other particulates and it can withstand low-pressure jets of directed water from any angle.

IP Rating Quick Reference Guide


There are Safety Reels for all different types of media

- With the same unique features

The Safety Reels are a premium collection of reels that are available for several types of media: compressed air reels, fluids, breathing air and electrical cable reels.

Manuals and brochures

IP65 Quick Reference Guide

IP65 Quick Reference Guide

Care and Use of High Pressure Hose

Care and Use of High Pressure Hose

Maintenence advice for the high-pressure hose range.

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