T-Coax - Torque wrench connection system

The T-Coax is a coaxial hydraulic connection system designed for connecting the hydraulic torque wrench to the pump. Manufacturers of torque wrenches and pumps can integrate the coaxial connectors on the equipment to be able to connect the attract and retract line with just one quick coupling. The T-Coax gives the users many advantages compared to conventional screw couplings: ease of use, increased maneuverability, secure connections with safety lock and spill-free connections and disconnections.

Technical data

Max working pressure (MPa) 80 MPa

The hassle-free way of connecting torque wrenches

The market is rapidly shifting towards a more convenient, clean, and hassle-free way of connecting hydraulic torque wrenches. The T-Coax hydraulic connection system is designed for an easier, cleaner, and more efficient connection of hydraulic torque wrenches to the pump. The coaxial quick coupling is the core of the solution, connecting two hydraulic lines using the same quick coupling. Compared to conventional connections with dual screw connections both on the tool and on the pump, the T-Coax system offers a hassle-free, spill-free and safe connection both on the tool and on the pump. The T-Coax connection system offers products suitable for torque wrench and pump manufacturers to integrate the T-Coax with the tool and the pump. 

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A complete connection system for torque wrenches

The T-Coax system consists of a series of products to facilitate upgrading to a new and modern connection system. There are dedicated products to help upgrade the pump with coaxial functionality. There are also products designed for integration with the torque wrench. The core of the T-Coax connection system is the T-Coax quick coupling and CEJN ultra high-pressure hoses.

  • Hassle-free connection
    Connecting a screw coupling with bulky gloves can be a difficult task. The T-Coax is easy to connect, even with just one hand. You don’t need to try to reach with a pair of pliers to ensure proper connection.
  • Safety lock
    The integrated safety lock ensures that the coupling is securely fastened and avoids accidental disconnections during operation.
  • Non-spill with soft seals
    The T-Coax uses soft seals instead of conventional ball seals, which are more resistant to dirt and stops any spill of hydraulic fluid upon connection and disconnection.
  • Swiveling connections for increased maneuverability
    The T-Coax quick coupling fully swivels, allowing the operator to move freely with the tool. Connecting another swiveling coupling to that will enable perpendicular swiveling for unlimited maneuverability. It also helps to avoid hose twisting to protect the hose from damage and increase the hose's lifetime.

T-Coax makes connections safer and faster

The T-Coax quick coupling is a coaxial quick coupling for hydraulics that is easy to connect with a simple push-to-connect motion. Both the attract and retract lines are connected simultaneously. The coupler is fitted with an ergonomic grip which makes it easy to operate and the safety lock prevents accidental disconnections.


Designed for torque wrench integration

The T-Coax connection system is designed for integration with the torque wrench. For manufacturers, there is a standard T-Coax wrench connector. It can also be a fully customized design.

T-Coax coaxial wrench connector

The T-Coax male coupler can integrate with the hydraulic torque wrench allowing both hydraulic lines to connect with just one coupling. A 360° swivel allows a high level of maneuverability and ergonomics. CEJN can deliver custom-designed connections based on specifications or single coaxial quick couplings to be integrated by the manufacturer.


T-Coax coaxial elbow connector

The elbow connector is an optional connector allowing for an even higher level of operator maneuverability. When connected to the wrench connector, it enables perpendicular swiveling towards the wrench connector giving the operator unlimited freedom of movement.


Adds coaxial functionality to any hydraulic pump

Any hydraulic pump can be mounted with T-Coax coaxial connections, enabling spill-free connection and disconnection and much easier and more efficient use. The connection blocks are for manufacturers to integrate with their pump design, and the coaxial adapter upgrades existing pumps with coaxial connections.

T-Coax connection block

The T-Coax coaxial connection block is a customized product for manufacturers to integrate into the pump design, adding up to 4 coaxial connections. Further variants are available: a single block for adding a single coaxial connection or just the coaxial coupling for the manufacturers to integrate with their pump.

T-Coax retrofit adapter

The T-Coax retrofit adapter offers an innovative solution that makes it adjustable to connect with the attract and retract line of the pump. The retrofit adapter converts screw couplings into T-Coax connectors on existing hydraulic pumps. This makes it a valuable companion in the toolbox as it makes it possible to use T-Coax-enabled tools with any hydraulic pump. The retrofit connector has a safety release valve that releases pressure at 300 bar.


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T-Coax - Torque wrench connection system

T-Coax - Torque wrench connection system

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