Non-Drip series 777 cools electronic equipment in high-power frequency converters

Non-Drip series 777 cools electronic equipment in high-power frequency converters

A reliable cooling system disperses heat build-up in a controlled manner to eliminate overheating. In this railway environment, as well as in solar energy, marine and other applications, CEJN Non-Drip series 777 stainless steel is able to guarantee the customer zero spillage and long-lasting performance with EPDM seals.

To keep infrastructure running smoothly, frequency converters for thermal management within this sort of industry are essential to remove excess heat. Cooling protects computers, monitoring control, communications and other electrical/electronic equipment from breakdown. CEJN offers reliable and robust one-hand-operated quick connect couplings to ensure perfect integration with customer applications.

Leakage led to search for new solution
A manufacturer of frequency converters was repeatedly experiencing leakage during maintenance when disconnecting the water cooling lines from power modules. This wasn’t a surprise to the customer, as they were using ISO B stainless steel couplings – not ideal for fluid transfer in delicate applications. Instead, CEJN proposed the Non-Drip series 777, a leak-tight and corrosion-free stainless steel fluid coupling.  

Non-Drip 777 cools high-power frequency convertersNew sealing made Non-Drip 777 a real standout 
The non-drip feature was a selling point for the customer, who no longer had to worry about spillage and potentially damaged electronics. And to guarantee that the new quick disconnect would handle the pressure, CEJN proposed EPDM sealing. EPDM has outstanding resistance to aging, long-lasting flexibility and elasticity with good tensile strength that makes it unique. Combined with the robust stainless steel version, this product easily withstands the wide temperature changes and external stimuli in railway thermal management.

CEJN’s ambition
Our ambition is always to reflect on the application and to recognize if there is anything else we can do to further improve our product. For this customer, the EPDM sealing was the adaptation that made it a winning concept. 

Quick Connect Couplings:
A Critical Component in Liquid Thermal Management Solutions


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