FRL air treatment

Filters, regulators and lubricators for compressed air quality control

Technical data

Max working pressure (bar) 12 - 20 bar (174 - 290 PSI)
Max. working pressure @ 23 C (bar) 10 - 16 bar (145 - 232 PSI)
Max working pressure @ 50 C (bar) 10 - 12 bar (145 - 174 PSI)
Media Air & Neutral Gas, Compressed air, neutral gas
Material body Aluminium, Aluminum, Polymer
Filtering element Sintered polyethylene, Sintered Polyethylene
Condensate drain Manual And semi automatic, Manual/Semi-automatic, Semi-automatic
Lubrication oil Non-detergent type and without aggressive additives, Non-detergent type without aggressive additives, VG32 - ISO3448

Keeping your air supply in top condition

Endless possibilities to combine all from Safety Shut-off valve to Filter/Regulator to Lubricator. All with easy assembly clamps and various mounting Brackets.

CEJN offers ready units for easy installation, all from the simple Filter/Regulator with Safety Shut-off Valve to a Filter/Regulator combined with a diverter block to get oil free air and Lubricator to have pre-oiled air for your air tools.

Virtually every industry, e.g. manufacturing, food, processing, carpentry, paper mills, etc., relies on compressed air as an energy source. In a shared compressed air network, with numerous outlets and an extensive pipe work system, air treatment units are especially important.


Air treatment products - A must-have for your compressed air system

Air treatment products, also known as air preparation devices, have important functions in the compression cycle. When installed correctly, they ensure smooth, economical operation without interruption and a reliable energy source with the following vital functions:




Moisture that collects in the system during the compression cycle could potentially cause corrosion in pneumatic equipment or make the system sluggish, resulting in downtime. To ensure a dry and clean system, CEJN offers filter with a high flow capacity that efficiently removes any airborne solids. In a shared compressed air network, with numerous outlets and an extensive pipework system, air preparation units are especially important. Choose from filters with a filtration capacity of between 0.01 and 25 μm.



CEJN’s regulators offer a standard adjustment range of 0.5-10 bar to maintain the required pressure level. Our regulator range features a rolling diaphragm to maximize service life, a locking device to prevent unintentional adjustment, and a gauge for visual pressure control. The high flow capacity and low pressure drop help save energy and cut costs.



For optimal performance, CEJN filter/regulator combine a filter, regulator and flat gauge in one product. Thanks to its compact design, it is a good alternative in applications where space is limited. The filter/regulator features a polycarbonate bowl, easily visible level indicators, a flexible rolling diaphragm for an extended life and a locking device.



CEJN air treatment system offers lubricators for working pressures of up to 10 bar (145 PSI). They can deliver the correct amount of oil, adjusted by a lockable oil-setting knob, for most pneumatic system applications. The transparent glass allows for 360-degree visibility of oil flow. CEJN lubricators can easily be adjusted without tools.


Endless combinations available to match your compressed air requirements


FRL Systems - Ready-to-use air treatment solutions

CEJN FRL systems combine a shut-off valve, filter, regulator and lubricator in a ready-to-use set, ideal when space is limited. The shut-off valve provides shut-off to downstream machinery, the filter removes any debris and water, the regulator ensures an adequate pressure level and the lubricator enables constant and proportional oil delivery; together they provide you with clean air and an efficient system that will extend the service life of air-powered tools and equipment.

Shut-off valve (lockable) + Filter/Regulator

Shut-off valve (lockable) + Filter/Regulator + Lubricator

Filter/Regulator & Lubricator

Filter/Regulator, Diverter block & Lubricator

Filter, Regulator & Lubricator

Filter/Regulator 5 μm & Filter 0.01 μm

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