UHP flat-face couplings

Safety Lock

Flat-face couplings for ultra high-pressure hydraulics

Technical data

Nominal flow diameter (mm) 2.5 mm
Max working pressure (MPa) 80 - 150 MPa
Material coupling Stainless steel hardened (AISI 316), Steel hardened (Zinc)

One-hand-to-connect, non-drip couplings with built-in safety function

The Flat-Face couplings have been developed to reliably meet the rigorous demands of ultra-high pressure hydraulic applications. Engineered to exacting tolerances, using the most durable materials, CEJN ultra-high pressure couplings hold up where other couplings fail. 

  • Flat-face design

  • Non-drip on connection and disconnection
  • Safety locking included

  • Compact design
Hose configurator for ultra high-pressure hose kits with end connections, quick couplings and nipples

Configure a high-pressure hydraulic hose kit

Configure and order hydraulic hose assemblies with the easy-to-use hose configurator for ultra high-pressure hydraulic hose kits. With the configurator you can easily specify hose fittings, hydraulic quick couplings, nipples and accessories according to your specifications.

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The nipple is pushed into the coupling and is locked automatically. The locking sleeve does not need to be manually positioned. Unique automatic safety function eliminates accidental disconnection. Turn the locking sleeve 30° and then pull backwards to release. The Flat-Face design ensures non-drip disconnection


Dust caps included as standard to avoid contamination

Pollution in a hydraulic system can lead to damage and costly machine downtime. It can also prevent the quick coupling from being fully and securely connected. Therefore, all couplings and nipples are fitted with dust caps as standard, which should always be attached and joined together when the coupling and nipple are in use. The slim design will twist around the coupling to avoid tangling.


CEJN Metal Seal (CMS)

CEJN Metal Seal is the optimum and recommended sealing method developed to be a safe and reliable seal even at extremely high pressures. Due to the smaller diameter and position of CMS, stress is kept to a minimum. In the unlikely event of leakage, the oil pressure will be dispersed within the coupling without any danger to the operator.


Safety and Knowledge Since 1955

CEJN has been focused on designing safe and reliable products since day one. Today we have quick-connect hydraulic couplings up to 4000 bar/400 MPa. This makes us world leaders and entails a responsible commitment to development to which CEJN is deeply dedicated.


Certified assembly by your local CEJN High-Pressure Centre

The CEJN High-Pressure Centres are located around the world for closer proximity to our markets and are all staffed by certified application experts. Each center features a hose crimping facility that assembles high-pressure hose kits to customer specifications. Every set is checked and measured before delivery for safety and performance to eliminate any risk of failure.


Never underestimate the dangers of working with ultra high-pressure hydraulics


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