Presenting Series 140 Quick Coupling

Presenting Series 140 Quick Coupling


Series 140 Quick Connect Coupling
- For the Worlds Toughest Applications

CEJN is proud to present its most extreme ultra high-pressure coupling to date, the 400 MPa quick-connector. Made for making the most demanding working environments more accessible. Switch from your existing fixed solution and increase your flexibility by adding a CEJN 140 series quick connect coupling to your unit.

This unique coupling is easily to grip, robust and yet small enough to not get in the way. With safety in mind, the safety locking ring ensure that accidental disconnection cannot happen. Series 140 is designed to endure a long life, the connection is precise and reliable time after time, wherever you may be working.

Series 140 allows you to connect pumps, tools and accessories faster, safer and more conveniently, useful in applications such as bearing pullers, splitters, bolt tensioning applications, hydraulic test installations and extreme mining applications. While disconnected the coupling withstands pressures up to 400 MPa while and the nipple 300MPa.

As part of the CEJN commitment to safety and quality, each coupling and nipple are pressure tested (up to full working pressure) before delivery. For more information and article numbers on Series 140, click on the banner to continue to our product page.