CDC – двойное соединение для транспортных средств

Мультиразъем для электричества и сжатого воздуха для автомобилей

Технические данные

Диаметр условного прохода 6.2 (0.2")
Макс. рабочее давление 12 бар (174 PSI)

CDC saves valuable time for emergency response

The CEJN Dual Connector, CDC, is a quick-to-connect multi-plate that makes it easy to connect and automatically disconnects electrical power and compressed air from the vehicle.

CDC CEJN Dual Connector for Vehicles load movie 
CDC CEJN Dual Connector for Vehicles

Automatic disconnection when turning on the ignition

The CDC will disconnect automatically by turning/pushing the starting key/knob of the vehicle. The connector is used to fill the vehicle's braking system. It is also possible to reverse the flow and use the vehicle's compressor to power pneumatic tools, such as lifting equipment. To avoid damage to the CDC multi-plate, a safety wire activates an emergency pop-out if any electrical failure should occur. For visual indication, LED lights reflect air and power status.


Unique features decrease emergency response time

  • Two-way connector for filling vehicles braking system or power pneumatic tools

  • Universal design allowing separate hose and electrical connection without multi-plate

  • Automatic disconnection on vehicle ignition
  • Emergency pop-out in case of electrical failure

  • LED indicators of connection status

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