Ultra High-Pressure Bulletin

CEJN couplings and nipples that are used for maintenance and repair of engine onboard vessels are recognized for their safety, high quality and long lasting durability. Lately there have appeared similar couplings on the market that claim to have the same compatible mating parts.

CEJN couplings, manufactured for more than 40 years, have become industry standard when there is no international standard, like ISO or DIN. Consequently CEJN cannot accept responsibility for any accident in personal injury or property damage that may result when mixing coupling (female part) and nipple (male part) of different brands.

Although there are couplings that seem connectable with CEJN our couplings are not safely interchanged with other couplings that are not under the same tolerances. In order to guarantee the safety we ask you not to mix CEJN products with other brands but to always check for the CEJN mark inscribed on both the CEJN coupling and nipple.


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