Soft-Line Protection Cover

CEJN offers a range of coupling protections useful when working on or near delicate surfaces. The protection is non-abrasive to surrounding components and comes in two versions, one integrated version, and one accessory version.

The Soft-Line cover protects paintworks, glass, enamel and other delicate surfaces from scratches and tears, that easily will appear when the metal of the coupling connects or drags along the surface. The Soft-Line cover prevents such damage by softening the hard metal. In addition to protecting the surrounding surface, the cover will also protect the coupling from impacts, which will prolong the service life of the product.

The integrated Soft-Line version is available for series 310, and 320. The coupling is fully integrated with protective covers, only minor assembly is necessary. Integrated Soft-Line versions are also available for the vented versions of series 300, 305 and 320. Integrated Soft-Line couplings for other 300-size series can be made on request. 

The accessory version is a loose protection cover that can be fitted on any regular series 300, 303, 310, 315 and 320 coupling. The cover is easily assembled on the coupling at any time.

CEJN coupling Soft-Line Protection Cover

Installation instruction for non-integrated covers

1. Put the assembly tool over the front end of the coupling.

2. Slip the Soft-Line protector on the assembly tool.

3. Move the Soft-Line protector over the assembly tool and the coupling. A drop of soapy water can be applied between the Soft-Line protector and the assembly tool to simplify assembly. Ensure that the waist of the Soft-Line protector ends up level with the waist of the locking sleeve. The Soft-Line protector is now assembled.