Air Treatment Products (FRL's)

The CEJN Filtration, Regulation, and Lubrication (FRL) range offers quality products for ensuring reliable, compressed air performance.

Virtually every industry relies on compressed air as an energy source for a variety of hand tools and automation or motion-control equipment. In addition to offering products that connect air system components, CEJN also offers products that manage the quality of compressed air.

Why FRL products are necessary components 
CEJN FLR’s, often called air-preparation devices, have important functions in the compression cycle. When installed correctly, they ensure smooth, economical operation without interruption and a reliable energy source with the following vital functions:

Filters - as air cools following a compression cycle, moisture collects in the system and can cause pneumatic equipment to corrode or become sluggish, resulting in downtime. CEJN mechanical filters purify the air by filtering out moisture and other impurities compressed into the tank. They offer high-flow rates and excellent filtering capabilities.

Regulators - for optimal performance, pneumatic equipment must operate at the pressure for which it was designed or equipment damaged may occur. CEJN regulators are designed to provide constant pressure and ensure that an established pressure is not exceeded.

Lubricators - Many pneumatic applications require an air supply that contains a lubricant. Lightly lubricating a tool's moving parts allows the tool to perform at optimum levels and increases its lifespan. 

FRL products for high-quality air  
CEJN’s range includes filters, regulators, filter regulators, lubricators, isolation valves and bypasses. Our FRL products are offered in 1/8-inch through 1-inch thread connection sizes. They are easy to assemble and maintain and can be top- or side-mounted. With our FRL products, we’ve combined what customers want most: Wide Range – The extensive product range ensures component compatibility. High-Flow Capacity – CEJN filters provide maximum air flow, as a result of the large surface area of the filtering element, the long stroke of the regulator needle and an optimized flow path. Precision Regulation – CEJN regulators ensure minimum pressure differential between set point and operating pressure, due to the low friction of moving parts, rigidity of components, and the flexibility of the rolling diaphragm. Hysteresis less than 0.2 bar can be achieved, regardless of upstream pressure.

Single Components or System Packages
CEJN offers filter, regulator and lubricator products as stand-alone components or in complete system packages. A concentrated focus on the latest in FRL technology enables CEJN to provide the perfect solution that is qualified, tested and backed by after-sale support.