Movie: Clean and leak-free hydraulic systems

With our hydraulic range, CEJN has decided to work hard to promote and supply plug-in fittings and quick-connect couplings for clean and leak-free hydraulic systems.

The core product ranges in our mission are the X-series, Multi-X, TLX and WEO Plug-In. Although today’s advanced hydraulic systems set high demands on cleanliness, outdated ISO-A poppet valve-type couplings are still being used in many modern machines. Consequently, a high volume of hydraulic oil is spilled worldwide every day due to disconnections that result in hefty clean-up and replacement oil costs. Subsequently, contaminants can enter the hydraulic system during connection, reducing the service life of the components as well as the overall system.

For example, one of our customers was previously plagued with oil spills and leakage from a 14-ton excavator. As the poppet valve-type couplings routinely spilled oil on disconnection, more than 200 litres (53 gallons) of replacement oil were needed annually for the machine! By using CEJN Flat-Face quick-connect couplings, the customer improved performance and efficiency, and by saving the 200 litres of oil, the payback was almost immediate.