Ultra High-Pressure Hydraulic Products, Hose Kits (72-180MPa)

150MPa, DN 5, Hose Kits

  • Couplings set available: 116 quick coupling
  • CEJN Indentification System (CiS) safety tag as standard
  • PVC protective cover to maximise life span

CEJN’s 150MPa (22.8k psi) hose kits are tailored for applications where steel stretching forces are in play. Various configured kits from 1 to 4m, all with the impressively rugged G1/4” CMS thread and cone and with or without the perfectly matched CEJN 116 quick coupling. The most flexible hose at this pressure and size, promoting safe and efficient working practices with minimal environmental impact from unwanted spills. A PVC protective cover will maximise the life span by preventing abrasive wear damage, and with CEJN’s Identification System (CiS) tag sealed on, working safe has never been easier. If preferred, these 150MPa kits with 116 quick couplings are also available with CEJN’s traditional 180MPa hose giving more stamina for high frequency pulsing application.

Applications: bolt tensioning applications.

Read more detailed specifications of the quick coupling and hose under the specific Ultra High-Pressure web pages.

Part No. Connection   Service length Coupling Max working pressure Comment
19 952 1501199521501 G 1/4" male CMS - 1 - 1500 -
19 952 1502199521502 G 1/4" male CMS - 1 116 1500 -
19 952 1503199521503 G 1/4" male CMS - 1.5 116 1500 For hose specification, see 180MPa hose
19 952 1504199521504 G 1/4" male CMS - 3 - 1500 -
19 952 1505199521505 G 1/4" male CMS - 3 116 1500 -
19 952 1506199521506 G 1/4" male CMS - 3 116 1500 For hose specification, see 180MPa hose
19 952 1507199521507 G 1/4" male CMS - 4 116 1500 -
Check with an authorized CEJN distributor for availability and prices. Other connections and sealing material on request. Some part numbers may be subject to minimum order quantities. CEJN reserves the right to make changes without further notification. Thread connections are listed according to ISO Standards. All measurements are in mm.
Technical data
Description: 150MPa, DN 5, blue hose kits
Special Feature: CiS safety tag
Max working pressure: 1500
Temperature range: -10°C — +70°C (14°F — +158°F)
Min. bend radius: 95 mm (3.7")
ID x OD: 4.9 x 9.5 mm
Nominal flow diameter: 4.9 mm (")
Min. burst pressure: 300.0 MPa

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