Ultra High-Pressure Hydraulic Products


CEJN’s range of High-Pressure accessories includes a wide assortment of adapters, porting blocks and pressure gauges. With working pressures up to 300 MPa, CEJN adapters are compatible with most couplings and hoses to ensure safe and trouble-free connections. Five porting block styles are available to connect several hydraulic lines from a single pump, as well as to connect pressures gauges to the line. CEJN offers pressure gauges in both bottom- and panel mounted styles up to 200 MPa.
  • Adapters

    CEJN provides and extensive range of high-pressure hydraulic adapters suitable for most couplings and hoses. All adapters are manufactured from black-zinc plated or stainless steel. Working pressure varies from 100 MPa to 300 MPa, see product table for data on respective adapters.

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  • Seals

    CEJN's high-pressure range includes several rubber metal seals designed to complement the high-pressure hydraulic couplings and nipples. Max working pressure range from 100 to 150 MPa.

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  • Porting Blocks

    CEJN’s porting blocks make it possible to utilise/connect several hydraulic lines from a single pump to numerous tools as well as the possibility of connecting a pressure gauge. The blocks are available in different sizes and designs with a varying number of ports.

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  • Pressure Gauges

    Bottom and panel mounted pressure gauges in models up to 5500 bar (550 MPa). All models are glycerine filled for improved performance and long life. The gauges are made of stainless steel and feature high accuracy and a long service life.

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