Non-Drip Quick Connect Couplings

Non-Drip Quick Connect Couplings

A Coupling Range Designed Solely for Low-Pressure Fluid and Vacuum Applications. CEJN’s non-drip couplings are designed solely for low-pressure fluid and vacuum applications, and their performance and safety requirements. The product range is ideal for connecting all types of fluid lines, even those as diverse as beverages, salt water and oil. 

CEJN engineers gave the couplings two important design features:
Modular construction– All nipple and coupling components have standardized dimensions, making them interchangeable and easy to combine into a wide range of configurations.

Non-drip construction – Depending on the fluid being conveyed, fluid spillage may have the potential to cause personal injury or property damage. The non-drip design ensures virtually zero spillage and eliminates pollution and air inclusion during connection and disconnection.

Three safety levels offered
Couplings and nipples in CEJN's non-drip modular range are offered in three safety levels, which enable users to choose the exact level of safety required. These safety options also enable users to control cost, since they won't be paying for safety features that are not required.

The three safety levels are: 
Level 1, Standard – Includes basic couplings and nipples. All couplings connect with all nipples in the range. 

Level 2, Color Coding – Includes standard couplings and nipples with color coding, which can be used to identify media and/or pressure lines and the corresponding nipple for each coupling. Both couplings and nipples are available with color-coded rings in black, blue, red, white or yellow. Standard couplings and nipples have green color-coded rings.

Level 3, Key Coding – Includes couplings and nipples with a non-interchangeable key feature that prevents crossconnection. Only couplings and nipples with the same key can be connected. Color coding identifies halves that can be connected. Standard nipples can be connected with key-coded couplings and vice versa.

Additional Safety Features
All couplings in each safety level are also offered with an optional safety-locking device that eliminates the risk of unintentional disconnection. When the nipple is connected and locked into place, the extra locking feature is engaged by manually turning the locking sleeve. To disconnect, turn the locking sleeve back into position. The nipple can only be disconnected when the locking sleeve is in the correct position.

Different configurations
The non-drip fluid series includes both valved and valveless couplings and nipples, which further extend application possibilities. Valved styles are one-hand operated and are the most commonly used version in fluid system applications. Due to their construction, the valveless couplings require two hands for connection/disconnection and are useful in those applications in which fluid loss upon disconnection may not be critical.

Three configurations are available in the extensive standard range:
- Single shut-off (must utilize a coupling and valveless nipple)
- Double shut-off
- Straight through

The series is compatible with working pressures up to 20 bar (290 PSI) and temperatures up to 275° C (527° F), making it suitable for a variety of low-pressure fluid applications in which lines need to be connected and disconnected easily, safely and without spillage. Sizes available include body sizes from 1/4" to 1".

CEJN modular couplings are available in nickel-plated brass with nitrile seals and AISI 316 stainless steel with Viton seals. EPDM and Kalrez® seals are available upon request to comply with specific performance objectives.