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Safety Reel

The bSafe breathing air hose reels have excellent flow performance that will guarantee safe air supply for your breathing air equipment. The hose reel will keep the hose safely stored within the protective cover of the reel when it is not in use. Taking safety to the next level, the reel is equipped with a soft stop ball to prevent tripping accidents and it has a slowed down retraction to protect objects and people from damage during hose retraction.

Technical data

Hose length on reel 10, 13 m
Material hose PVC
Reel material Plastic
Media reels Breathing air

Safe supply of breathable air with high-performance hose reels

The bSafe breathing air hose reel combines our popular CEJN Safety Reel with the safe and tested breathing air hoses to offer a complete hose reel solution for breathing air applications. The complete product has undergone stringent testing and is approved according to EN 14594/14593 for breathing air devices. 

The bSafe hose reels offer smooth and effortless operation making sure that a safe and clean source of breathable air is always conveniently at hand.

bSafe Breathing air hose reel - Technical animation
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bSafe Breathing air hose reel - Technical animation

Slow retraction for safety

Strong brakes control the spring force for safe and slowed down retraction.

Easy-to-install wall bracket

The hose reel is installed on a wall or ceiling using the installation bracket. It can easily be fitted or removed from the bracket without using any tools.

Accurate hose guiding

The hose guiding ensures that the hose is securely rolled up in the casing without twists or kinks for optimal flow and hose protection.


Stop ball that prevents tripping accidents

The more commonly used hard stop ball will roll away and be a risk of strain or tear injuries when stepped on. The soft stop ball of the CEJN Safety Reel, will collapse to minimize the risk of tripping accidents.

Unrestricted flow for safe air supply

Smart internal design ensures high flow with minimum pressure drop providing a safe and reliable source of breathable air.


Tested according to SS-EN 14594 and 14593-1 

The bSafe hose reel and hose are tested and comply with the requirements of SS-EN 14594 and 14593-1 for breathing air equipment. These requirements ensure that the equipment is suitable for breathing air applications and meets the necessary requirements to be safe when used with breathing air equipment.

Breathing air is a critical application and a hose intended for breathing air must undergo conditioning test, burst pressure, tensile and flexibility tests to make sure that it is safe to use under many different circumstances. Because of this, a compressed air hose should never be used for breathing air applications.

Read more about the stringent testing and requirements for breathing air hoses:

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There are Safety Reels for all different types of media

- With the same unique features

The Safety Reels are a premium collection of reels that are available for several types of media: compressed air reels, fluids, breathing air and electrical cable reels.