ultraFLOW – 24/7 Quick Couplings for Liquid Cooling of High-Performance Electronics

Within thermal management, uptime and reliability are the keys to success. For this, you need high-quality products designed for long-term reliability. ultraFLOW is a complete series of reliable non-drip quick couplings for liquid cooling applications. "We have adapted our reliable and proven quick connect technology for use within thermal management. Our new series of quick couplings offer unmatched performance in liquid cooling applications", says Kenneth Kjellberg, Product Division Manager at CEJN Group.

Increase cooling performance with liquid cooling
Water and electronics make for a very profitable combination. It is also becoming increasingly popular as circuit density and power output are increasing in electronic systems. Water is up to ten times more effective than air at dissipating heat from the source in electronic systems. Many people fear the risk of leaks onto the sensitive electronic equipment, but with ultraFLOW, that risk is practically eliminated. "ultraFLOW is 100% non-drip and there is quality in every little detail", says Kenneth Kjellberg, Product Division Manager at CEJN Group.

Low pressure drop reduces pump pressure
ultraFLOW is designed for optimum flow and has exceptionally low pressure drop. The low pressure drop of ultraFLOW will minimise the overall system pressure. This will allow for a lower pump pressure that will save on both investment and running energy costs. The compact outer dimensions make ultraFLOW a perfect fit in many applications - ultraFLOW is made of hard-anodised aluminium with a durable coating to withstand many years of service.

Guaranteed non-spill with improved shut-off valve
The improved shut-off valve will guarantee spill-free connection and disconnection for many years of frequent or infrequent use. In liquid cooling applications, there are often long periods of time when the quick-connects are not engaged. This could be a critical challenge to the non-drip coupler's performance. "The shut-off valve is the key for reliable operation. We have put great effort to testing and fine-tuning this to make sure that it works even when there is a long time between connection or disconnection.", Kenneth explains. "ultraFLOW offers a new level of performance for liquid cooling within thermal management."