Safety cable reel with IP65 classification

Safety cable reel with IP65 classification


A new version of the electrical cable reel has been tested to withstand dust and water according to the IP65 classification.

The IP65 cable reel is available with a 16 m automatically retractable cable. It is designed for long-term use, heavy wear and challenging conditions. The slow retraction ensures the safety for both people and surrounding objects and the cable guide will precisely guide the cable into the housing.

The IP65 classification means that the electrical reel is totally dust-tight. The reel is completely protected against dust and other particulates. It also means that it is tested to withstand low-pressure jets of directed water from any angle.

The standard cable reel has IP44 classification with moderate protection against water splashes from all directions.




IP65 Cable Reel Dust Test load movie 
IP65 Cable Reel Dust Test