Energreen equips remote-controlled RoboGREEN Evo with Multi-X

Energreen equips remote-controlled RoboGREEN Evo with Multi-X


Located in the city Vicenza, northern Italy, is the factory of Energreen. With export to 20 countries in Europe and 15 countries worldwide they produce professional machines for the most hostile places. Their RoboGREEN Evo machine is made to work in areas with up to 55° slope, and with the many attachments, they noticed a necessity of hydraulic connections. A CEJN solution was the answer.

With a total area of 45000 m² the professional machine producer specializes in manufacturing within the green maintenance sector, covering roadsides, parks, mountain and forest areas, rivers and canals, as well as reclamation sites. They are unique of their kind since their machines are equipped with laser cutting systems and modern welding robots. They are also designed to be safe for the operator and thanks to these features, Energreen has registered several international patents.

Energreen’s fleet is divided into three divisions: Robo, Self-Propelled ILF and Professional Equipment. For Robo there are five different models. The remote-controlled multifunctional equipment carrier, RoboGREEN Evo, is one of them. It is designed for the harshest conditions, capable to carry more than 25 different types of equipment. For this machine, Energreen was looking for a solution to make the operation easier and safer with a system able to connect and disconnect hydraulic connections for their multifunctional equipment - without using tools.

RoboGREEN Evo - Equipment Carrier with Multi-X load movie 
RoboGREEN Evo - Equipment Carrier with Multi-X


CEJN and Energreen first met at EIMA International exhibition in Bologna, Italy, but at the time there were no suiting projects for Energreen to have CEJN involved. But as the RoboGREEN Evo project was started, it became relevant to get in touch. Engineer Fausto Lodi, Technical Manager at Energreen, shares the story of how the cooperation originated. In January 2019, CEJN met with Energreen at their offices to discuss the best possible solution for their needs, a hydraulic connector for all their attachments - CEJN Multi-X. With the high-performance multi-plate hydraulic coupling there were two main advantages, Fausto describes the simplicity of connecting and disconnecting with very low effort and the easy maintenance.

CEJN Multi-X was, to begin with only a test, and with the upcoming positive results, it is today available as an option for all their customers. Fausto explains that it has been highly appreciated among their customers ever since the start. We ask him if he would consider CEJN for future possible collaborations, and the response is nothing but positive: “Absolutely, yes. It is a really good product and our customers like it”.


“CEJN gave us a really quick response to solve our problems with this application”

Engineer Fausto Lodi,
Technical Manager Energreen


A vision for Energreen is to install Multi-X on their future radio-controlled machine projects as well, and Fausto expresses the support and helpfulness he experienced from CEJN. “CEJN gave us a really quick response to solve our problems with this application” he ends, and we are once again satisfied with our ability to provide the best and safest performance products on the market.