CEJN prepares for growth

CEJN prepares for growth

CEJN AB sees an increased need for the company’s quick-connect solutions within a number of business segments. In order to meet the increased demands, CEJN is expanding its main facility at their head office in Skövde with a new central warehouse as well as opening up for more production area. “The new expansion will create space and opportunities for new businesses and assortments, as well as a more efficient distribution to our sales companies and customers”, says Marcus Allerbjer, President CEJN Group.

The need of CEJN’s innovative quick connect couplings are increasing in a number of business segments, for instance in fuel-efficient hydraulic systems for Construction Equipment, and efficient liquid cooling of electronics in Renewable Energy and Power Electronics.

To meet the increased needs, a new expansion project has started at CEJN’s headquarters in Skövde, a project that, when completed, will create a greater opportunity for a more efficient distribution for the companies customers.

“It’s important that we invest to stay at the forefront of our industry and to create added value for our customers when customer demands, competition and digitalization are increasing”, says Marcus Allerbjer.

The building construction is planned to go on for a year, and by the end of 2020, a 15 meter high central warehouse of 3200 m² will be ready as well as two mezzanine floor á 1000 m² each. In addition, a footbridge will also be built between the head office’s premises and the new warehouse. A big, but necessary, investment for the global company.