Gamme Multi-X – Une technologie de pointe rendue simple et facile d'utilisation
Des connexions multiples propres et sans fuites en une opération

Le MULTI X de CEJN est une multi connexion innovante, simple d'emploi, conçue pour remplir et dépasser les demandes de l'hydraulique mobile. Sa conception surpasse et rivalise avec les versions présentes sur le marché. Sa conception fondée sur les besoins des utilisateurs offre un système souple, à hautes performances, simple à installer et sans problèmes de fonctionnement.

MULTI X est totalement en ligne avec l'objectif de CEJN de fournir au marché des produits propres et sans fuites. Les raccordements WEO assurent des raccordements  sans fuites et les coupleurs à faces planes garantissent des déconnexions sans égoutures et évitent la contamination des circuits hydrauliques.



  1. Easy to maneuver 
  2. Eliminates cross connection 
  3. Minimize downtime duringtool change 
  4. Flexible installation 
  5. Small space requirements 
  6. Environment friendly flat-face connections 
  7. Environment friendly flat-face connections
  8. Connectable under residual pressure 
  9. Torsion free connectors

The WEO hose connection is self-aligning and makes connection easy and prolongs hose life.


Working pressure of up to 350 bar (5076 PSI) can be used on half the ports simultaneously with the other half of the ports used as return lines with a maximum pressure of 50 bar (725 PSI)


Single ISO 16028 Flat-Face couplings can be used with fixed installed male plates

Both the female and male plate can be used as the fixed part


Electric connectors can easily be attached to each plate 

Multi-X is available in a number of standard configurations, matching the most frequent application needs. The sizes range from DN 10 to DN 19 combined with two, four or six ports in each plate. Each plate can also be equipped with an optional electric connector (available as accessory). 
The innovative design allows you to use either part of the plate system mounted as the fixed part without compromising the performance. The mounting bracket is enclosed with the female plate but you can just as easily use it to install the male plate in the application instead. 
An extra advantage when you use the male plate as the fixed part is that you can connect standard ISO 16028 Flat-Face couplings to the Multi-X plate, giving you maximum flexibility to use tools and attachments both with and without a Multi-X plate. 

The Multi-X design allows you to use a working pressure up to 350 bar (5076 PSI) on half the ports simultaneously and the rest of the ports as return lines with a maximum of 50 bar (725 PSI), regardless of whether you use two, four or six ports. The design also offers the possibility to connect the units with residual pressure.

The Multi-X range is outfitted with WEO Plug-In fittings, making them both easy to assemble and to connect. Using Plug-In fittings provides the Multi-X range with the same outstanding features as the CEJN WEO Range products – self-aligning hose connections that prolong hose life, minimize downtimes when the need to replace or remove the hose occurs and its minimal space requirements that allow for more compact designs.  
Each Multi-X plate comes with integrated WEO cartridges for easy installation. Use the WEO Hose connection nipples and ferrules to crimp the nipples directly onto the hose or convert your existing hose to WEO Plug-In with the threaded WEO Nipples. 

Multi-X is easily operated with one hand on the lever and one hand guiding the moving plate during both connection and disconnection. The ergonomic lever placed perpendicular to the hydraulic lines keeps the operator's hands safe. The locking button secures the lever when connected and prevents unintentional disconnection. 

All Multi-X male plates are equipped with pressure eliminator nipples to make it possible to connect the plates with residual pressure in the system. By puncturing the pressure, without spillage, it allows for a smooth connection even at a high residual pressure (up to 350 bar) (5076 PSI).
The self-aligning WEO connection removes the torsion in the hose, a common issue when using ordinary fittings, making it easy to align and connect the plates.