Thermal Control Products

ultraFLOW Couplings & Nipples

Power density is increasing rapidly, requiring an effective cooling solution to avoid overheating. Traditionally air has been the preferred solution, but with the fast-moving development, liquid cooling has been shown to be the most effective. However, many people worry about leaks being just as damaging as overheating in the event of an incident. This is why we have developed ultraFLOW. A series of lightweight couplings with a flat-face design to guarantee no-spill, high flow and low pressure drop for the lowest possible pressure. For long hardware life and low running costs. The ultraFLOW series is leak tested to ensure a reliable coupling for liquid cooling. Made of hard-coated high-strength aluminium to make it lightweight and durable. Ideal for connecting all types of fluid lines, whether your application involves glycol-water, dielectric fluids, mineral or synthetic heat transfer oils. If you can’t find a product that meets your requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll put our R&D department at your disposal.