Hose & Cable Reels for Professional use

1. Angular feeder hose connection
An optimized flow geometry in the angular feeder hose connection provides a substantial increase in flow rate and minimizes pressure drop. The design also features an improved hose attachment. The metal clip keeps the hose firmly in place while making it easier to attach and detach the hose when needed.

2. Housing 
The sturdy exterior housing, made in durable plastic, protects the hose and the reel mechanism from dirt and debris. The housing is designed to withstand repeated blows from the stop ball or other objects in the working environment. The wide opening of the housing makes retraction smooth and easy in all environments.

3. Reel and spring assembly
The reel and spring assembly is designed, dimensioned and tested to withstand continuos unrolling and retracting of the hose. The design also allows for the spring force to be adjusted and adapted to different weight and balance requirements.

4. cejn quick-lock
Easy and simple installation with the quick-lock feature. Position the guide bolt in the bracket (1) and push the locking plate in place to secure the reel (2). To remove the reel just push the locking plate to its unlocked position and push down the guide bolt.

5. Axle and swivel
The improved flow geometry in the axle is the key for creating the significant improvement in flow rate. The design of the axle and swivel means increased inner dimensions which together with the new hose connection design optimized the flow geometry.

6. Stop ball
The stop ball, which hinders the hose from retracting too far into the reel, can be placed anywhere to adapt to the mounting height, making the hose and tool easy to reach.

7. Kink protector
The kink protector protects the hose end from wear and tear. The non-corrosive spring is placed just where it’s needed to make sure the operator is protected in case of hose rupture.

8. Stream-line connection
The CEJN Stream-Line connections can be reused. Just dismount the Stream-line connection, cut the hose to the desired length and mount the air-tight connection back on again.

Quality in every detail

Industrial working environments are often tough. The pace is high and everything has to work at all times. Equipment must withstand wear and tear from continuous use while constantly performing at high efficiency to maintain optimal productivity. Our well balanced hose and cable reels offer many benefits in providing a clean and efficient work space.

1. Encased housing for prolonged service life.
2. A low pulling force makes the hose easy to roll out.
3. Efficient tool use with high flow performance.
4. Move around freely and perform work where it’s needed.
5. Adjustable spring force.
6. Easy to install.
7. Keeps work places clean and tidy and the tools always handy.

Developed with top performance in mind, eliminating obstructions and improving the flow, the redesigned feeder hose connection, axle and swivel gives an improved flow rate. The result is an increased tool performance, which makes work more efficient, contributing to better economy. The improved flow could even allow for a smaller hose size, making the hose easier to handle, while the pressure stays the same and tool performance is secured.

The housing for our reels is impact resistant and easy to keep clean. The reel and spring assembly is tested to endure hours of hard use, unrolling and retracting the hose, over and over again.

Our reels swivel 300° making it possible to move around freely, performing all kinds of work. The reel only requires a low pulling force to adjust the hose to the position of the operator. The ability to adjust the spring force also contributes to efficient operation of the hose. The possibility to detach the reel from the mounting bracket makes installation and service quick and easy.