5 Key Requirements for Quick Couplings in Liquid Cooling Systems

Five important features to consider when choosing the right quick-connect coupling for your liquid cooling applications.


Quick, leakage free connection for Kärcher-Belos

Successful implementation of Multi-X and WEO solves assembly line issues and makes the tool changing process easier for Kärcher-Belos on their new model, TransPro 4260.


CEJN CiS is now available for iPhone/iOS

With CEJN CiS using NFC technology, the status of your ultra-high-pressure hydraulic hose kits are easy to scan. The information on the screen after scanning clearly shows if the hose can be...


MAN demands quality and safety: "You have to be able to trust the equipment"

MAN Diesel & Turbo, world-leading provider of large-bore diesel engines, and CEJN have been working together on ultra-high-pressure solutions for more than 40 years under the tag line “safety first...


New safety feature improves safety and efficiency of high pressure couplings

Connected Wind on the importance of safety when working with high pressure hydraulics: "The new locking feature makes me feel much safer. It lets me focus on my job instead of worrying about the tools I'm using"


The Next Generation Couplings for Ultra High-Pressure Hydraulics

Extreme pressure demands extreme safety. Being a manufacturer of high pressure hydraulic components entail responsibility. This is why CEJN presents a new upgraded range of ultra high-pressure quick...


Serial production of the extended TLX range including the 507 and 907 is up and running New additions and upgrades to the TLX hydraulic range The TLX flat-face coupling has been a success due to its amazing capability to stand up the toughest applications in...


CEJN Safety Reel - The New Generation Of Hose Reels

CEJN Safety Reel - The New Generation Of Hose Reels Let us introduce the future of high-performance hose reels. Safety was a top priority in its design, demonstrated by features such as its slow...


Clearing OSHA Requirements with Low-Noise Blowguns

Our client is from the Oil & Gas industrial area and operates a large manufacturing facility in Singapore. We meet with their HSE Coordinator who takes us through the facility cheerfully, talking...


Presenting Series 140 Quick Coupling

CEJN is proud to present its most extreme ultra high-pressure coupling to date, the 400 MPa quick-connector. Made for making the most demanding working environments more accessible.


CEJN's new Air Treatment System

Get the most out of your compressed air tools, equipment, and machinery. Take a look at our new assortment of filters, regulators, filter-regulators and lubricators. Click here.


Beware of Imitations in the Ultra High-Pressure Hydraulic Market

CEJN couplings and nipples are recognized for their safety, high quality and durability. Similar connectors claiming to have the same compatible mating parts have circulated the market a few years ago and our efforts in informative campaigns and safety training have been able to reverse that trend.


CEJN eSafe ensures student safety

The Volvo High School at Volvo Cars Engine has one of Sweden’s highest application rates and the few lucky students who are accepted are highly prioritized by Volvo. I meet with Marcus Jerne, a teacher at the school, to discuss their switch to our compressed air coupling eSafe.


Innovative production in the making at CEJN

Production at CEJN AB, Sweden is getting a real facelift. “We’re not afraid to take the lead in adapting to innovative production. This investment shows our customers that CEJN is a company to count...


Movie: TLX seal change

Watch the movie and learn how to replace the sealing on your TLX Screw-to-connect coupling. Changing the sealing is one way to maximize coupling lifetime. New seal kits can be ordered through a CEJN distributor and is very easy to replace. Just follow the instructions in the movie.


Energy Efficiency Gains Top Focus

- Brammer UK & CEJN UK meet industry challenge by strategic partnership Today competition within the industry is more challenging than ever. New regulations for energy efficiency, such as the Energy...


CEJN building safety brand in Busan

CEJN AB and CEJN Korea are working together in 2016 to target strategic customers and partners with the aim of strengthening CEJN’s position as a safety-focused company in the Busan area. Although...


New Collection Catalogue

New Collection catalogue – Know us and our products The Collection catalogue gives you a brief look into CEJN’s eight different product areas and is our most appreciated catalogue. It gives you a...


Komatsu Staff Demand CEJN eSafe

Forestry machine manufacturer Komatsu Forest in Umeå is pleased with their quick connect couplings from CEJN. They started off by testing a handful of eSafe compressed air couplings, which were...


“CEJN’s WEO stands up to all our tests”

To become a supplier of hydraulic components to a crane manufacturer like FASSI, you have to pass their ‘entrance exam’. CEJN meets with Roberto Signori, R&D-SPE Manager in the technical department at...


Movie: Demonstration of the Flow Meter

Did you know that pressure drop is one of the biggest problems in the supply of compressed air. A high pressure drop means that the compressor has to work harder to deliver energy to the tools or machines. This can run up a big energy bill and can result in poor tool performance. In most cases it is the hoses and couplings which are the biggest culprits in creating this problem.


“MAN strengthens its brand with CEJN”

"Without high-pressure components we cannot do our job and without the CEJN products we cannot guarantee safety”. ChulHwan Kim is Head of the MAN PrimeServ Academy Busan, and when asked about the on...


Movie: eSafe efficiency & safety demonstration

eSafe the new generation standard quick connect coupling series from CEJN can cut your energy consumption up to 30%* with its unique characteristics. The high flow enhances your tool performance; the positive outcome being increase


AR glasses - a future alternative to traditional training in industrial assembly

Everything is going digital, with transition at a rapid rate. For us here at CEJN AB, a quick connect coupling manufacturer, it is important to be at the forefront of technology. Smart inventions are...


Movie: Potential dangers with ultra high-pressure hydraulic applications

Watch this if you use unreliable or outdated products in your ultra high-pressure hydraulic application, it demonstrates the forces at play. First we simulate a burst coupling.


CEJN Hosted Safety Training at MAN

On 27th April 2016 a new safety training course was held at the MAN PrimeServ Academy in Busan, Korea, hosted by CEJN. The purpose was to improve safety awareness among people working with quick...


CEJN Multi-Plates for Press Hardening at Gestamp HardTech

Gestamp HardTech is a solid and utilitarian yet sophisticated press hardening facility located in Luleå in northern Sweden. Their business involves manufacturing press tools and stamping metal...


Great Balls of Steel - An insight to CEJN's work within Ultra High-Pressure

Working with and developing ultra high-pressure products is not for the faint hearted. It´s a meticulous process based on calculations, a variety of test methods and a mind-set based on 40 years of...


Movie: Instruction to CEJN Identification System

Let us borrow a minute of your time to present CiS - CEJN Identification System, a new technology developed for your safety when working with ultra high-pressure hose assemblies.


Movie: eSafe Series 315 - New Animation

Switch your compressed air coupling into CEJN eSafe and the job is done faster and safer. This animation of eSafe Series 315 illustrates how the air-flow passes through the coupling. The new generation eSafe coupling, developed with the user in mind, takes safety and performance into a whole new level.


New Multi-X with Lubricating Feature

One of our top-selling products within the hydraulic selection the Multi-X recently launched a new configuration, Multi-X Trio 12.5/Lube. This configuration is a unique product specifically aiming at...


“TLX is a match for our tough applications”

“If the CEJN TLX can stand up to our rough treatment, then everybody can rest assured.” These are the words of Anders Nordlund, Transport Manager and Coordinator at Rivners AB, Stockholm. Operations...


Take Control of Your Safety with CiS

It's here! We've just launch our new patented technology, a technology called CiS (CEJN Identification System) that takes safety into a whole new level. With CEJN CiS using NFC you can at any time...


We will never give up the TLX”

It’s only when you sit in the cab of the actual crane, 12 metres above ground, that you begin to understand what kind of forces are at play. Like a hungry dinosaur, the 8-tonne heavy steel jaws grip...


CEJN Assists Scania with Optimisation

SCANIA’s engine production site in Södertälje, Sweden is an impressive facility. As a visitor you are immediately struck by the positive energy in terms of both cooperation among the staff and the...


CEJN Singapore in new premises

CEJN PRODUCTS FAR EAST PTE LTD. SINGAPORE was our first operation in Asia, settled in 1982 and over the years the company has increased its activities region by region in the South East Asia. After a...


Optimize Your Compressed Air System

THE COST OF COMPRESSED AIR is high and increasing every day. Experts are focused on how we can develop new forms of energy supply, but Reino Hedman General Manager at Midroc Electro AB a company...


Movie: TLX animation

CEJN hydraulic series TLX is known as the coupling that stands when the others fall. It’s referred to as the CEJN coupling in the field and customers settle for no less. The TLX is a flat-face twist lock coupling for the toughest hydraulic applications in the construction and demolition segment.


TESS & CEJN - Engineering Partners

TESS & CEJN are now entering into a more in-depth collaboration relating to engineering, targeting the offshore segment. After many years of working together on standard sales, the partnership has...


eSafe Movie - Now with Speaker

CEJN eSafe compressed air coupling is such a unique product on the market and its benefits are worth high-lightening to make sure you have all the information needed to make the right choice.


New Multi-X configuration meets challenging applications

CEJN recently launched a new configuration in the Multi-X range, one of our top-selling products within the hydraulic selection. The new configuration, a duo DN 12.5/19 (1/2"+3/4") was made in order...


Let's Talk Ultra High-Pressure Hydraulics

Ultra High-Pressure is a powerful medium demanding a high level of safety.The quick connect solution provider CEJN is familiar with the day-to-day routine of bolting, having more than 40 years...


CEJN Provides Customisation for ABB

ABB Robotics is a leading global supplier of industrial robots, modular manufacturing systems and services. They automate processes using robots and control systems and have a bright future ahead, as...


CEJN Identification System

Working with high-pressure hydraulics is associated with a danger to your life. Therefore, it is vitally important to eliminate risk as far as possible. When using high-pressure products from CEJN, you can rest assured that you have made a safe choice, as we work on safety throughout the entire production chain using our knowledge gained from 40 years of experience.


New addition to the eSafe family

AFTER THE LAUNCH OF ESAFE IN 2013, markets quickly realized the economic and environmental value. The new couplings instantly became a success. Now CEJN repeats the success with two new series. We’re...


Engineering Solutions by CEJN

CLOSE TO YOUR BUSINESS, FAST TO RESPOND For us, close cooperation with the customer is essential for a successful project. CEJN’s skilled Application Experts translate customer needs into viable...


V8 Supercar sponsored by CEJN

The 2014 Australian Dunlop V8 Supercar season is over and it turned out to be an eventful season for CEJN who co-sponsored car #44. During the season’s 7 race events, taking place all over Australia...


CEJN AB keeps running on 100% wind power

CEJN AB has renewed their contract and keeps on buying 100% of the power consumption for Swedish production facilities from wind power stations. It is an important contribution to decrease the carbon...


Safe Maintenance Onboard Ships

CEJN releases a Safety Guideline manual to increase awareness Working with engine maintenance using ultra high-pressure hydraulics onboard ships is a serious task. The work often has to be done in...


CEJN visits MAN in Copenhagen

MAN Diesel & Turbo is the global market leader for large diesel engines for use on ships and in power stations, and is one of the three leading suppliers of turbo machines. This diesel engine giant is...


Retires after 50 years with CEJN

50 years ago it was the first day of work for 15 year old Nils Larsson. CEJN had recently bought new office space in his hometown Igelstorp, and he heard from friends that they were hiring. Nils...


New Breathing-Air Hose Kits

Secure Your Next Breath! A certified breathing air hose kit from CEJN is compliant with the regulations contained in EN14593:2005 and 14594:2005 and has gone through stringent testing at one of our...


Ultra High-Pressure Bulletin

CEJN couplings and nipples that are used for maintenance and repair of engine onboard vessels are recognized for their safety, high quality and long lasting durability. Lately there have appeared...


eSafe - the new generation coupling

- No need to choose between performance and safety Our brand-new and revolutionary eSafe coupling for compressed air was launched at the Hannover fair April 8-12th 2013. eSafe is an innovative and...


Volvo - eSafe Success Story

“We are going to use CEJN all over” Expensive lacquer damage on their vehicles caused by heavy-handed couplings made Volvo Tuve in Gothenburg open to other options. After testing the CEJN eSafe quick-...


CEJN eSafe awarded at ener.CON

CEJN eSafe wins third place at the ENER.CON EUROPE Awards 2015 for best energy efficient and innovative project - Berlin, March 19, 2015 On the occasion of the 4th ener.CON Europe 2015, the leading...


CEJN Announces Office in Mexico

The past five years CEJN Industrial Corporation has experienced significant growth in the Mexico and Centro America markets, with this increased activity and in order to service our customers needs...


CEJN on YouTube CEJN group channel has posted about 20 videos on the popular video sharing site YouTube. It’s a mix between videos and animations that illustrate our products in...


TLX Series handles extreme surge flow

CEJN presents the TLX Series – Hydraulic Flat-Face Twist Lock Couplings made for the toughest construction and demolition applications. This super-duty quick connect coupling is designed to work with the highest surge flows and the toughest pressure impulses.


New CEJN Hydraulic Quick Couplings Catalogue

CEJN launches a reworked edition of its popular Hydraulic Products catalogue, where CEJN presents quick-connect couplings and accessories for a multitude of applications. Including environmentally...


CEJN Heavy Duty Products

During MINExpo Las Vegas Sep 24-27th 2012 we presented our new Heavy Duty Products folder. The folder presents seven carefully selected products for heavy duty applications. Some of the products...


New MultiFLOW Nozzles

– Air and Fluid Guns for an Optimal Flow CEJN focus on providing their customers with safe, high-quality products. Now the MultiFLOW is available with a new range of nozzles and adapters to meet your...


New Ultra High Pressure catalogue

We are happy to announce that our new High-Pressure Hydraulic catalogue is available in 15 languages and presents our range of High-Pressure couplings/nipples/adapters/hose kits etc. It also includes...


CEJN establishes new operation in the UK

After more than 40 years in the UK through the good service of a distribution company it's now time for CEJN to establish its own operation on the UK market. The new CEJN operation will focus on...


CEJN Launches Multi-X

A range of easy-to-handle multi-plates, designed to meet the demands of even the most challenging mobile hydraulic applications. Designed for flexibility, performance and easy operations The unique...