Power Electronics

More Applications Adapting to Power Electronics 

To deliver power for personal electronic equipment, industrial drivers, telecommunications and transport, power electronic devices are used. The trend shows that more applications are adapting to this technology to improve energy efficiency, reliability and control. That said, the pressure to deliver flawless operation is higher than ever and reliable thermal management is critical. Overheating could potentially result in stopped trains, power converters and freight vessels, significantly affecting our daily life. We offer customers a range of products, both with and without valves, with extremely high flow to pass effectively through the system.

Cooling of liquid plates in high-power electronic application

To effectively remove heat generated by high-power electronics, CEJN offers reliable quick connect couplings with high flow, ideal for a trouble-free cooling process. For one of our customers, a...

Non-Drip series 777 cools electronic equipment in high-power frequency converters

A reliable cooling system disperses heat build-up in a controlled manner to eliminate overheating. In this railway environment, as well as in solar energy, marine and other applications, CEJN Non-Drip...

Find Your Non-Drip Coupling by Flow and Size

Pressure Drop Charts Flow, l/min To be directed to product page click on the series. Series 767 DN19, Kv = 13.30 Series 777 DN19, Kv = 9.18 Series...

Popular CEJN Products for Power Electronics