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CEJN eSafe ensures student safety

The Volvo High School at Volvo Cars Engine has one of Sweden’s highest application rates and the few lucky students who are accepted are highly prioritized by Volvo. I meet with Marcus Jerne, a teacher at the school, to discuss their switch to our compressed air coupling eSafe.

Beware of Imitations in the Ultra High-Pressure Hydraulic Market

CEJN couplings and nipples are recognized for their safety, high quality and durability. Similar connectors claiming to have the same compatible mating parts have circulated the market a few years ago and our efforts in informative campaigns and safety training have been able to reverse that trend.

Innovative production in the making at CEJN

Production at CEJN AB, Sweden is getting a real facelift. “We’re not afraid to take the lead in adapting to innovative production. This investment shows our customers that CEJN is a company to count...

Movie: TLX seal change

Watch the movie and learn how to replace the sealing on your TLX Screw-to-connect coupling. Changing the sealing is one way to maximize coupling lifetime. New seal kits can be ordered through a CEJN distributor and is very easy to replace. Just follow the instructions in the movie.

Dell uses non-drip couplers to cool servers

Dell ‘Triton’ technology uses non-drip couplers to cool servers

Download CEJN 3D models & drawings

Downloading models and drawings from our website is easy. Whether you have a CEJN product, just need the drawing for reference or you are in the design stage and need a step file for your project the process is simple.

CEJN Australia Pty Ltd

CEJN Australia Pty Ltd has supplied a vast array of quick connect couplings and accessories into various markets and applications in the Australian/New Zealand markets for over 35 years. Since 2008 we have had a dedicated warehouse and ultra-high pressure(UHP) hose assembly and testing facility in Sydney . We operate an ISO 9001 QMS and are regularly audited.

We pride ourselves on supplying the world’s best quick connect coupling solutions, UHP hose assemblies and rapid response service to support the many critical industries that are our customers. Our goal has always been to be the number one supplier of choice for quick connect coupling solutions and UHP hose assemblies in our markets.

CEJN offers products to suit a large range of applications, including manufacturing, construction, mining, marine, oil and gas, medical, transportation, fire and rescue and thermal control for electric systems. We do not just offer technically ambitious solutions for increased efficiency and excellent design, but also provide comprehensive service skills. Please contact us through the below details to know more about our products and services.

CEJN Australia Pty Ltd
4/20-22 Foundry Road
Seven Hills NSW 2147

t: (02) 9838 0225
e: sales@cejn.com.au

CEJN Quick Connect Coupling Specialist

You can find CEJN in every corner of the world and we proudly carry the reputation as the leading global quick connect coupling specialist. Born and developed through Swedish ingenuity gives us a heritage to be proud of. “Made in Sweden” is for us, a seal of high industrial quality. Add “by CEJN” and you get quick connect couplings with the assurance of quality and superior performance to guarantee professional use and customer benefit.

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