Data Centers

The Engine of the Internet

All of our online activity, including email, social media and conducting business, is delivered through data centres, the fastest-growing sector in terms of energy consumption. And this is increasing. As of July 2015, more than 400 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every minute. Not to mention the ‘internet of things’ evolution. At CEJN we believe liquid cooling is the future and is vital to keep servers running and costs and CO2 emissions down. It is around 25 times more efficient than air cooling in removing heat, and the fear of leakage is no longer a valid reason for looking at other options. Invest in liquid cooling.

Popular CEJN Products for Data Centres

  • Non-Drip Couplings & Nipples

    In applications such as cooling of electronics, machinery and moulds, CEJN offers the Non-Drip series, a range of quick connect couplings and nipples for low-pressure fluid applications. The coupling...
  • DLC, DN5 Aluminum

    This is an auto-coupling/blind-mate coupling with DN 5 mm (3/16"). Surface treated aluminum alloy, with specially developed NBR seals. Max working pressure 145 PSI (10 bar...
  • Series 767, DN19 Brass

    This auto-coupling/blind-mate coupling is made of nickel-plated brass with EPDM seals. DN 19.0 mm (3/4"). Water flow capacity double shut-off version Kv 13.3 (Cv 15.37). Max working pressure 290 PSI (...