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CEJN - The Next Generation

Being a manufacturer of high pressure hydraulic components entail responsibility. This is why CEJN presents a new upgraded range of ultra high-pressure quick connect couplings – The Next Generation. The term “The Next Generation” comprises a process of development that has an extensive history and future. Over the years, the demand for smaller and lighter tools has increased, and these tools needs higher pressure to generate the required power. Extreme pressure demands a high level of safety as a leak or accidental disconnection could cause serious personal injury or damage to machinery. CEJN has been in the ultra high-pressure business for 50 years, and our area of expertise is minimizing the risks while increasing the pressure.


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Our newest feature is the quick and smooth locking ring giving extended security to your connection. Screw locks are sometimes considered by users to be time consuming and left unscrewed. With The Next Generation unintentional disconnection is practically eliminated, just a quick twist of the bayonet lock and your hydraulic coupling is secured!


CEJN-blue for many people means high industrial quality. With the redesign of our ultra high-pressure range of quick connect couplers, CEJN-blue has been implemented into the design making it easier to distinguish the quality products of CEJN from other brands. The change applies to series 115, 116, 117 and 125.


Dirt is a safety hazard. Pollution in a hydraulic system can lead to damage and costly machine downtime. It can also prevent the quick coupling from being fully and securely connected. Therefore, all couplings and nipples are fitted with dust caps, which should always be attached and joined together when the coupling and nipple are in use. With The Next Generation, you will find a new and more user-friendly design to our dust caps. Just like before they have a slim design, twisting around the coupling and nipple body in order to avoid tangling.