Pneumatic Products

Lightweight Couplings

CEJN aluminum couplings weigh 50% less than standard CEJN couplings, and up to 70% less than traditional couplings on the market, making it a perfect fit for lightweight tools. The aluminum design although light in weight is far from light in performance. It offers the same quality performance as any other CEJN product and since aluminum is a non-ferrous material it also offers low magnetic interference.
  • Series 320, DN 7.6

    DN 7.6 mm (5/16"). Flow capacity of 2100 l/min (74.1 CFM). Max working pressure 16 bar (230 PSI). CEJN original standard, Eurostandard 7.6 (7.4). Lightweight couplings with extremely high flow and low connection force.

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