WEO Plug-In, when space is limited

A CEJN customer who manufactures wheel loaders, experienced a problem with extremely limited space between the cabin and chassis that led to an unnecessarily long assembly time and oil leakage. The company was therefore looking for a new solution. 

It was necessary for 12 hydraulic hoses to be implemented and put in place before the cabin could be fixed on to the chassis, a tricky operation due to the limited space. The tools were too bulky, tightening the old screw fittings was difficult and oil leakage was frequently revealed during leakage tests. Valuable time and money was lost when the wheel loader’s hose assembly needed to be refitted.

When we recommended using WEO plug-in couplings and nipples, the customer recognized the advantages immediately and decided to replace the whole system. Today, the hose is simply plugged in by hand and the switch to WEO has provided more space in the chassis for the hoses to move freely. The customer is extremely pleased with the switch to WEO fittings and now enjoys dramatically shortened assembly times, extra space under the chassis and the elimination of leaks.