Movie: Multi-connection plate ensures paper quality

Paper mills are generally tough environments. With fixed maintenance intervals, each part of the machine undergoes rigorous cleaning to maintain a high paper quality.

The press rolls, controlled by hydraulics, have six individual sections that allow for separate manipulation of the paper thickness in each section. These rolls are removed from the machine during maintenance. If the hydraulic lines were mistakenly cross-connected after maintenance, the hydraulic controls would manipulate the wrong section with costly results: discarded paper and additional downtime to correct the problem.

By integrating the connection lines through a specially designed multi-connection nipple plate, cross-connection is immediately eliminated. The corresponding couplings and hoses are secured in a removable plate. The couplings and nipples used for the design are a special hybrid of CEJN’s high performing  X-65 and X-66 hydraulic leak-free products resulting in no hydraulic oil spillage during connection and disconnection.