Simplify simultaneous connections with series 116 T-connection

Series 116 T-connection has been developed for bolt tensioners and other types of applications that need serial or simultaneous connection. This means that  means that you can replace the standardized porting block solution with a single component, Series 116 Y-connection, and thereby minimize the risk of leakage.

The T-connection is compact and, thanks to a modified seal, the valve in the nipple can handle dynamic load while disconnected without the risk of seal damage. This means that it is safe to have a disconnected nipple at the end of a serial connection and there is no need for extra components, such as plugged couplings. 

Another major advantage is that less time and money need be spent on assembly – as all assembly work, including leak testing, is performed by CEJN – the T-connection is ready to use on delivery, straight out of the box. Fewer article numbers and a single supplier result in a simplified ordering procedure and handling of deliveries.