High Performance and Safety, Essential for Wind Turbine Installation

Wind turbine installation is a complex task and, due to the size of the tower, a turbine needs to be erected on site. From the foundation upwards, the various sections of a wind turbine have to be bolted together using bolt tensioning or torque tool equipment. Safety is a high priority and it is extremely important that accurate bolt load is applied. The same safety and precision is needed when maintenance engineers make their regular bolt load checks. 

Bolt tensioning and torque tools demand ultra high hydraulic power. As a leading ultra high pressure product supplier, CEJN can support these tools with appropriate products. As a safety-focused company, we can assure our customers that our safe, high-performance products can be relied on at all times. CEJN's ultra high pressure couplings and hoses keep down-time due to high-pressure leakages or broken couplings to a minimum.