CEJN Identification System


TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR ULTRA HIGH-PRESSURE HYDRAULIC HOSE ASSEMBLY. Working with high-pressure hydraulics is associated with a danger to your life. Therefore, it is vitally important to eliminate risk as far as possible. When using high-pressure products from CEJN, you can rest assured that you have made a safe choice, as we work on safety throughout the entire production chain using our knowledge gained from 40 years of experience. 

CEJN is now releasing a new technology for your safety: CEJN IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM (CiS) - a tracking solution in which every hose assembly is chipped and has an individual marking and traceability based on Near Field Communication (NFC*).  This means that you can not only check technical data but can also view an update history log: when the hose was first and most recently pressure-tested and when it is time to take it out of service.

CEJN CiS - How does it work
To check hose assembly status, install software and/or download app. Place tag over either USB-driver, make sure software is started, or place the tag over the phone with app started. When the chip has been scanned all available data of the particular hose kit will be displayed. Note - this technology cannot detect damages or other injuries on hose kit. 

  CIS mobile CEJN Identification System CIS computer CEJN Identification System

CiS - Mobile Interface
• Off-line
• NFC* enabled phones (Android)
• Read function
• Quick on-site safety check
• Download app at Google Play

CiS - Computer Interface
• USB Reader type: ARC 122
• Windows 7, 8 or 10 compatible
• Read and Write function
• Update the hose kit history logg
• Export all tags to database (Excel)


6 Fields Tracks Your Hose Assembly
CEJN CiS Identification System software

1. Text field with history 2. Coupling part nr 3. Unique ID 4. Working Pressure 5. Pressure tested by... 6. Recommended date for re-testing

About the Tag

CIS tag

Encrypted information about the hose set is stored on an electronic chip which is placed between the two layers of the plastic tag attached to the hose. There is no need for connection to a database. The tag is made of wear and tear resistant material and can be customised on request. QR code links to a user manual.


*NFC: Wireless data transfer that detects and then enables technology in close proximity to communicate without the need for an internet connection. An NFC chip operates as one part of a wireless link. Once it has been activated by another chip, small amounts of data between the two devices can be transferred when held a few centimetres from each other.