Non-drip coupling excels in challenging agriculture application

For more than two years, CEJN Denmark worked in close cooperation with BioCover to develop a highly specialized non-drip quick-connect coupling series for an agricultural application using sulphuric acid as a catalyst. The sulphuric acid is added to the fertilizer to reduce ammonia emissions when slurry is spread over fields. It also reduces the unpleasant smell that can be a problem with farmland located near populated areas.

The customer started by testing CEJN’s standard Non-Drip series 777 in stainless steel and FPM seals. However, it soon became obvious that the standard product would not be sufficient in this harsh environment. After several field tests, CEJN’s designers came up with a solution that involved a stainless steel material upgrade, high-performance composites, O-ring seals and an improved mechanical functionality.

CEJN would like to congratulate BioCover on the European Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award they received recently for their SyreN product which is fitted with CEJN Non-Drip quick-connect couplings.