Serial production of the extended TLX range including the 507 and 907 is up and running

New additions and upgrades to the TLX hydraulic range
The TLX flat-face coupling has been a success due to its amazing capability to stand up the toughest applications in the construction and demolition industries. A multitude of customers have made the switch to the CEJN TLX and so, CEJN has developed two new versions to cover more customer requests. In January 2018, CEJN launched the new TLX 507 and TLX 907.

Serial production is up and running
In order to continuously guarantee the best quality and lifespan for TLX, every product is thoroughly tested at the CEJN assembly line. The couplings and nipples are manually assembled and then mechanically torqued for highest accuracy. The product then undergoes a functional test and a leakage test to confirm everything works as it should and that it fulfills our requirements an our customers’ expectations

TLX Facts
TLX is a Flat-Face twist lock coupling for the toughest applications. This super-duty quick connect coupling is designed to work with the highest surge flows and the toughest pressure impulses. TLX is made from high alloy steels with Zinc-Nickel surface treatment for a long life in the harshest conditions. The Series is available in sizes from ½” to 1 ½” to cover most applications.

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"We haven’t needed to change or repair our couplings for over two years!"
Lennart Sandström, Operations Manager, Stockholm Bulkhamn AB

TLX assembly line. One of the CEJN operators preparing a batch of series 507 for delivery. Assembling, functional test, leakage test and packaging.