CEJN Safety Reels

The New Generation of Hose Reels - Better than best!

Let us introduce the future of high-performance hose reels. Safety was a top priority in its design, demonstrated by features such as its slow, guided retraction. Our patented full-flow design demonstrates excellent performance. Each component has been designed with durability in mind for long-term use, heavy wear and challenging conditions.

When we set out to design the next generation of hose reels, the primary goal was to produce a safe, high-performance product, improved in every single detail regarding material and design. We now offer premium quality reels that provide your tools a high flow and low pressure drop to maximise their output. They ensure safe everyday use with strong hose retraction to securely and precisely guide the hose into the casing. Additionally, our sturdy reels are designed so the hose can be replaced and so their life span can be extended. Changing the hose is both very quick and safe. The CEJN Safety Reel also reduces strain on your compressor making it the ideal choice if you want to save money!

We have expanded our range to offer you a broader selection, including large, open-spring retractable reels with controlled rewind for heavy applications.

The new CEJN hose reel collection can be used with a multitude of different media. These are our safety reels, all designed with CEJN Company’s three strong core values: safety, performance and quality.


More information

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Safety Reel Energy Efficiency CEJN

We’re improving your energy efficiency even more!

Energy efficiency has been a key issue for us since 1955. We’re therefore very proud to present our new reel that virtually eliminates flow limitations, which helps us to fulfil our customer promise of high performance. Together with our additional products - hoses, couplings and blowguns - you get the most optimised system on the market. By reducing your use of compressed air, you consume less electricity and ultimately save money and reduce your carbon footprint.


Spot leakages


What you can’t see still exists! - Spot and stop leaks

If your system is leaking oil, you must immediately find a way to stop it. Do you do the same for air, which you can’t see? Leaks are possibly the number-one enemy of compressed air systems. It’s not unusual for 30% of the compressed air produced by a company to go to waste.
By replacing your old leaking products with high-performance products from CEJN, you can minimise leaks and save money.

Closed Safety Reel high flow closeup CEJN


Optimise your system using the right products

The route from the wall outlet to the tool involves a number of pipes, fittings, hoses, surface roughness, and other physical properties. These are all factors that impede flow. In order to maintain high flow and minimal drops in pressure, you need to invest in products that minimise energy loss.
By using optimised products from CEJN you ensure the best possible tool efficiency and reduce expensive compressor costs.

Closed Safety Reels Applications CEJN

CEJN CLOSED SAFETY REELS are a premium collection of reels for compressed air, fluids, and electrical cable reels. CEJN safety reels provide users with both maximum tool output and safety in the workplace with their durable exterior housing, slow retraction feature and unique soft stop-ball. The reels are easy to manoeuvre and offer a full 180 degrees of movement and parking position. We keep it simple: they are easy to install, whether mounted on ceiling or wall, and can be disconnected from the wall bracket if necessary.

The patented closed safety reels are developed and produced in Sweden. Each component in our safety reel range, and their function, is carefully considered to provide you with the best product on the market.

User instructions

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQu73kiOQmM CEJN Safety Reel – Safety, performance and durability
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTdxGYG57_8 CEJN Safety Reel – Technical animation

Closed Safety Reel range

Safety Reel For Compressed Air CEJN

Compressed Air Reels – Closed
Closed safety reels feature a PUR hose, available in many different lengths and dimensions. They provide an extremely high flow due to their smart internal design, using high quality components to withstand heavy wear and challenging conditions.

Safety Reel For Fluid CEJN

Water Reels – Closed
Closed safety reels feature a PUR hose, available in many different lengths and dimensions. They provide an extremely high flow rate due to their smart internal design, using components that withstand corrosive environments.

Safety Reel For Electricity CEJN

Electrical Reels – Closed
The electrical safety reel provides a safe workplace with its high safety standard. It complies with IP44, SS-EN 61242 and SS-EN61316. Available with Schuko or CH plugs. CEJN cable reels come with a CE certification mark.

Safety as a Priority

Safety as a Priority

“Our focus has been to design a safety reel on all levels.”

Ove Gustafsson – Air-Tech division manager

The first step in hose safety is to invest in a reel instead of a loose hose that may be a trip hazard. The reel needs to be easy to use and do the job, if not the hose will be left on the floor anyway. Therefore, easy handling was our first priority. The second was to include improved features for increased safety. The process started out by evaluating different reels on the market from a safety perspective, looking into injuries suffered by people and harm to the environment. Four areas were highlighted: hose retraction, hose replacement, stop-balls and locking features.

Slow retraction
The most dangerous aspect of a hose reel is the spring force during rewinding. Many people have been injured due to unsafe retraction. Most commonly with involved people being hit by a coupling/tool or damage to the surroundings such as to a vehicle. The new safety reel is equipped with a sturdy centrifugal brake in the drum, combined with a strong spring force, giving a slow and steady retraction which is safe both for the people and objects nearby in the workplace. With the CEJN safety reel, you are totally safe even if you happen to drop the hose.

Safe and quick hose replacement
Changing a hose has often been a difficult and risky task. The metal spiral has a strong embedded tension caused by the torsion of the spiral that may cause severe injury to the user when the casing is opened. The CEJN safety reel has an encapsulated spring cassette to protect the user if the reel needs to be dismantled.

As the most common damage on reels is a broken hose due to wear, scratches or squeeze, changing the hose needs to be easy and safe. The safety reel’s new design no longer requires that you dismantle the reel to change a hose meaning the task takes under a minute and is completely safe. For more information see our hose changing instructions. Most reels on the market are no longer usable once the hose is damaged as the hose cannot be replaced. This makes these a very bad investment in the long run.

The soft and safe stop-ball
It might seem unnecessary to design a soft stop-ball. However accidents do happen when the hose is unrolled on the floor and someone steps on the hard stop-ball. As safety is our focus, it was a matter of course to make this change to eliminate further accidents. Even more common is damage and scratches on vehicles caused by hard plastic stop-balls moving around. Today this scenario is eliminated by the soft, patented rubber ball from CEJN.

Safe locking feature
A reel is heavy and we have seen reels accidently release from their wall mount and fall off due to vibrations. Therefore we have designed a safety pin for our quick lock button to prevent this from happening. We have also built a parking position for higher safety, as we know that a reel standing out in a hallway can cause damage.

Safety standards of cable reels
CEJN electrical cable reels meet the following standards:
1. SS-EN 61242 - Cable reels for household and similar purposes
2. SS-EN 61316 - Industrial cable reels
3. IP44

CEJN Safety Reels - Closed Reels Features

The Art of Performance

”One of our major goals has been to eliminate all flow restrictions throughout the entire reel to get a full flow path”

Johan Olsson – Design team leader

CEJN has always been dedicated to bringing forth superior products in terms of performance. When the safety reel was being created, the design team started out with one main ambition: to create a reel where flow limitations and pressure drop were virtually eliminated. This was quite a challenging task as the standard CEJN reel is well known for its high flow. Today we proudly present a solution that is almost twice as effective when it comes to performance.

Identification of flow stoppers
The underlying work involved thorough customer surveys combined with analyses of commonly used hose reels on the global market. The CEJN design team was surprised to see how little consideration was given to flow restrictions caused by narrow flow path. “It’s obvious that very few people are thinking about flow optimization,” states Johan Olsson, design team leader. The three areas that most limit flow have been the main focus of further construction improvements: the swivel, the hose attachment and the stop-ball.

Full flow swivel construction
The new, patented straight-through swivel design provides a full flow path. Where conventional swivel solutions distorted the flow of media, thanks to a continuous axis, this new solution’s design provides the maximum cross-sectional area throughout the flow channel. As pressure drop is minimized, our customers will get the best possible performance from the wall outlet to the tool.

No more hose kinking
With a new, different angle design at the hose outlet, hose kinking has been totally eliminated. This results in better performance for the customer as the new full flow path is nearly as effective as a straight hose lying on the floor.

The stop-ball does not limit the flow
The stop-ball has also been under the microscope regarding flow restrictions. Hard ball-stops block flow by squeezing the hose, so CEJN developed a new soft ball that leaves the flow path unaffected.

The benefits for you
CEJN always intends to focus on performance, aiming to create solutions that help you save money. In addition to perfecting performance in our product design, we always optimize fittings and transition to eliminate pressure drop, leakage and system loss to help you maximize the output of your tools. As you can use the full power of the flow, you can reduce the pressure on your compressor, meaning it takes less time to finish your work and, in the end, you will see valuable savings.

The CEJN Durability Promise

“We have used premium quality in every single component”

Anders Lunnerhag – Laboratory engineer

From a quality perspective, the primary goal has been to create the best and most durable reel on the market. As part of this process, CEJN has reviewed the market and interviewed end users in order to identify weaknesses. This has led to a reliable solution regarding design and materials. The main focus, and the greatest challenge, has been to find the most suitable materials on the market and combine these for minimal wear and longest usable life span.

The importance of choosing the materials
CEJN has produced long-lasting products since 1955, and quality is one of our core values. To fulfil our customer promise of durability, CEJN has chosen the best subcontractors when it comes to materials and production techniques. Reels adapted for industrial use take advantage of premium materials chosen to withstand outdoor use, UV radiation, chemicals and to resist wear.

Meticulous tests for greater durability
As there are many moving parts, wear is inevitable. To maximize durability all materials have been tested for high and low friction to find the combination that provides the longest useful life span. Additional real-life tests have gone on to support this: both automated tests in the CEJN laboratory and in field tests. For example, a CEJN safety reel must withstand being rewound 10,000 times.

Examples of durable solutions
The centrifugal brake function is based on a proven, safe technique that has been applied in a new context. Choosing a durable material, brakes and drum, will provide you with a sustainable solution that can perform the hard task of rewinding and braking without being worn out. Many metals corrode in contact with chemicals, and after some time they can break apart or can become distorted. In the case of the swivel, this will limit the media flow. This is why a whole new flow channel path and swivel have been made entirely out of high-quality plastic to ensure high flow and durability.

Electrical cable reels
All our cable reels meet the high demands of our users. CEJN products meet the following standards: 1. SS-EN 61242 for cable reels for household and similar purposes 2. SS-EN 61316 industrial cable reels 3. Enclosure rating: IPP44

The benefits for you
In addition to higher performance, you also benefit from reduced costs. By investing in a CEJN safety reel, you will be buying a product that will last for years to come. As you easily can change the hose, if damaged, the reel can last much longer than most other reels on the market.


Open Safety Reels Applications CEJN

Our new addition to the CEJN hose reel family

In order to offer a wider line of products, we have expanded our range to include large, open reels with controlled rewind for heavy applications.

You will experience an excellent performance with a compact high-flow swivel and a large chassi and frame that accommodates longer length and larger dimensions of hoses. To ensure long lasting durability the heavy duty steel reel has a powder coated finish for wear and challenging conditions and a unique axle with dual support system for maximum stability.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNb-bWuTvJU Open safety reels – Spring driven rewind operation

Open Safety Reel range

Compressed Air Hose Reels - Open

Compressed Air Hose Reels - Open
CEJN´s open hose reels for compressed air feature a PUR hose, available in many different lengths and dimensions. The high quality steel design has a very durable powder coat finish, which makes the reel perfect in challenging environments. The reels are also available with a rubber hose and without a hose, as an option.

Water Reels - Open

Water Reels - Open
CEJN´s open hose reels for water are made of high quality steel with a very durable powder coat finish, which makes the reel suitable for most corrosive environments. It is available without hose, and with a PUR or rubber hose in different lengths and dimensions.

Hoseless Reels - Open

Hoseless Reels - Open
CEJN´s hoseless open reels are made of high quality steel, with a very durable powder coat finish, to withstand harsh environments. With the hoseless reel, the customer can choose the hose that meets their individual needs best.