SSMQC - Subsea Multi-Quick Connector

At a depth of 3000 metres it is imperative that nothing goes wrong, as this can have devastating consequences for the environment. With this particular subsea application, the customer was looking for a safe and reliable multi-quick connection plate. It had to fulfil three very important criteria: 

  • Being ROV-optimised
  • Having a fail-safe system
  • Being spill-free upon connection and disconnection

The solution
Our engineers’ suggestion for the customer was the SSMQC (Subsea Multi-Quick Connector), a further development of our multi-plate series Multi-X. The product had to be fully redesigned, including materials and surface treatment, to handle the ROV requirement and the underwater challenges. The female plate is mounted onto the ROV and the male plate on the production tree, also known as the Xmas tree, placed on the top of the well bore. The ROV easily connects the spill-free SSMQC to the male plate mounted on the Xmas tree and provides the system of valves, pipes, fittings and connections with hydraulics during maintenance. 

Fail-safe system 
Subsea operations should all have fail-safe systems in case of failure, and for the customer this was a top priority. The SSMQC therefore has a built-in emergency release, so upon disconnection from the Xmas tree the no-spill connection is released. The same feature is automatically enabled in the event of failure. The SSMQC is a safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly multi-plate. 

Subsea material challenges
To handle ultra-deep water, down to a depth of 3000 metres, the CEJN engineers gave the SSMQC a 100% stainless steel body and a unique surface treatment adapted for the extreme conditions associated with subsea applications.

SSMQC - Subsea Multi-Quick Connector