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Ultra High-Pressure Hose for Grease Injection

CEJN manufactures high quality Ultra High-Pressure Hose for your grease injection applications. Our thermoplastic hose for grease injection is rated for 15,000 PSI and up. This thermoplastic hose is superior to rubber hose in many ways:

  • The inner tube of our grease hose is made of low friction seamless nylon, unlike a traditional rubber hose which has rubber impregnated Fabric construction. The smooth low friction nylon provides a much lower pressure drop over the length of the hose.
  • The core tube is followed by 4 layers of high tensile strength steel wire.
  • The outer layer is smooth polyurethane known for its superior resistance to UV light, Chemically Inert to oil, grease, oxygen and other chemicals, and it also outperforms Rubber in Cut and Tear resistance and abrasion resistance, giving the hose a longer service life than rubber hose.
  • The bend radius of the 15K hose is a little more than 3", which allows it be spooled on a 7" drum.
  • The hose comes preassembled and tested with end fittings, ½” NPT, M-type (M16) in carbon or stainless steel.

All CEJN hoses come with a test certificate found on the RFID chip mounted on the hose. We keep regular stock on the thermoplastic hose for grease injection at our Houston High-Pressure Center.

Hans Van Der Voort at CEJN high-pressure center in Houston, Texas, presents the range of ultra high-pressure grease injection hoses.
Thermoplastic hose with features
HP Center certified