How DeepOcean reduces oil spills with ROV operated Multi-Quick Connect plate

SSMQC DeepOcean Customer Testimonial load movie 
SSMQC DeepOcean Customer Testimonial

DeepOcean works with service, inspection and repairs of BP oil platforms and pipelines. With the help of CEJN quick connect technology they have minimized oil spills and made it less dependent on the operator.

During deep-sea operation, even a few liters of oil spilled into the ocean is too much. It used to be completely dependent on the operator's skills to control the ROV. For these applications, hot stab is often used to minimize production down-time. That means that one single mistake from the ROV operator would result in oil spilled into the ocean.

"CEJN responded with an ingenious solution"

Terje Nordeide, Project Manager at DeepOcean

Together with DeepOcean, CEJN developed a fail-safe Subsea Multi-Quick Connector, which is a development of the popular Multi-X, hydraulic multi-coupler. It has been re-designed to withstand underwater conditions and optimized for ROV operation. The multi-connector connects easily to the male plate and it is completely spill-free upon connection and disconnection. "We challenged our suppliers of hot stab equipment to come up with a better and safer solution and CEJN responded with an ingenious solution", says Terje Nordeide, Project Manager at DeepOcean.

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