Premium painting results with CEJN Antistatic hoses and hose reels

Safety reels fitted with antistatic hoses

Different environments have different conditions and requirements for the equipment being used. Typical conductive hoses such as PUR and PVC are not ideal in painting environments, for example, as the spray paint will get stuck on the hoses. CEJN Antistatic hose reel includes all the features our popular Safety Reel has:

  •   Keeps the hoses off the floor area for easier cleaning and increased safety

  •  Slow retraction that keeps the people and surrounding objects safe

  •  Soft stop ball that prevents tripping hazards

Non-conductive hoses with high flexibility

Using an antistatic hose in environments exposed to spray paint is key to keeping them soft and clean. The CEJN Antistatic hose comes with multiple features that will facilitate any spray paint workshop:

  •   Straight braided EPDM rubber hose for the highest flexibility and flow rate

  •  Non-conductive for clean and soft hoses

  •  Prevents electrostatic build-up


Hose reels designed with safety in focus

CEJN offers a wide range of hose reels to suit any application need, all from, to name some, compressed air and fluids to electricity and breathing air. And now so also with antistatic hoses. One thing they all have in common is the reel itself, designed with safety in focus. CEJN Safety Reels have many features such as slow retraction, easy installation, many installation options, an accurate hose guiding feature, and a stop ball that prevents tripping accidents. The smart internal design also ensures a high flow with minimum pressure drop to save energy and increase tool performance.


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The ideal solution for spray paint applications

The CEJN Antistatic hose reel will benefit any spray paint application. Here are, among others, some examples of workshop environments the Antistatic hose reels are well suited for:

- Car painting workshops
- Truck painting workshop
- Aerospace painting workshops
- Furniture painting workshops
- Kitchen painting workshops



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Spray paint applications are exposed daily to electrostatic sparks that potentially could cause workshop damage. Using an antistatic hose reel will prevent electrostatic build-up and ensure that the hoses stay clean and soft, as well as kept off the floor area preventing tripping hazards. CEJN Antistatic hose reels are flexible and have a high flow rate for first-class painting results.