CEJN's team leader comments on The Next Generation: "Our duty is to keep you safe"

CEJN's team leader comments on The Next Generation: "Our duty is to keep you safe"

Safety is a core value of CEJN. We are continuously evaluating our products to increase their user friendliness and end-user safety. This is essential, seeing that we are a supplier of ultra high-pressure products for which we take extensive responsibility. Jörgen Ekström, Project Leader for the development of the “The Next Generation”, explains the intention of the upgraded range of quick-connect hydraulic couplings for ultra-high pressures.

Why develop a new range?

“The Next Generation” aims to provide the market with an upgraded range of ultra high-pressure hydraulic couplings. These couplings are quicker to operate and more user-friendly but most importantly, they are safer than ever. “We know our applications and how close to extreme pressure our end users are working,” explains Jörgen Ekström, Team Leader at the Ultra High-pressure Division of CEJN, Sweden. Operators often need to do their job very close to highly pressurized products. The worst scenario is a beam of oil shooting out under high pressure. But an unintentional disconnection causing the hose end to whip out could also severely injury the user.


“You should never have to worry
about your personal safety on the job
– because we already have.”

Jörgen Ekström
Team Leader, Design,
High-pressure Division, CEJN


This is why CEJN continuously improves its safety features and will continue to do so. CEJN considers this a service and something that it is obliged to do as a provider of high-pressure products. “The message we want to send to our customers is: you should never have to worry about your personal safety on the job – because we already have,” Jörgen states.

New design and feature

During the development process, different technical solutions and components were tested. A number of calculations and tests were conducted to arrive at the best possible solution.

The most important feature is the new bayonet lock. Successfully activating the lock signals that the connection is intact and safe, thereby eliminating the risk of an unintentional disconnection. It’s very easy to manoeuvre with one hand by pushing it up and then rotating it to lock and unlock. This prevents the coupling from unintentionally disconnecting.

The second news is the blue CEJN colour that has been implemented to enhance brand recognition. “The purpose is for customers to see the blue and associate it with CEJN and safety,” says Jörgen. The nipple has also been given a clearer marking with the batch code to enable tracking. “As always, we stress the importance of not confusing the CEJN brand with other brands. The unique tolerances and precision must not be compromised by getting the brands mixed up. For maximum safety, use CEJN all the way,” declares Jörgen.

Last but not least the dust caps have been updated. “Our dust caps are well-thought-through and should always be joined together when the products are in use,” in Jörgen’s view. This prevents dirt from entering the system and damaging internal parts, which could cause hazards later on. The dust caps are designed to prevent them from getting hooked and are made of eco-friendly polyurethane.

Safety first, no compromising

CEJN is constantly working to improve the components that are under the greatest strain. The new locking feature will become the new standard and will exclude the possibility of choosing a product without the safety locking feature. With ‘The Next Generation’, CEJN has added the security lock, even though it adds another component to the product. “We are providing this add-on feature because safety is always our top priority,” Jörgen concludes.


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