New safety feature improves safety and efficiency of high pressure couplings

Being a wind power technician is a difficult, exposed task. You have to squeeze yourself into narrow spaces, carrying heavy tools for bolt stretching and torquing. Sharp edges and angles are potential obstacles that could disconnect a quick-connect coupling without a safety lock. “The new locking feature from CEJN makes me feel much safer,” says Jonas Norrman, Connected Wind. 

Jonas Norrman, wind power technician at Connected Wind Services, loves his job. He describes it as a free life and likes the fact that he needs to be skilled at many things: mechanics, steering systems and hydraulics, all squeezed into one location. But it is also challenging. During winter, the job is cold, harsh and slippery. Heights and risks must always be taken into consideration. “Nothing must go wrong. You are totally exposed up there,” Jonas explains.

Working close to danger

When asked about working so close to ultra-high pressure, Jonas replies, “I try not to think about it much, because if anything breaks, I am in deep trouble. Especially being so far from any rescuers.” According to Jonas, the answer is having the right equipment which he can depend on. Wind power technicians always work in pairs and the partners always inspect the equipment thoroughly before starting to work. However, he ultimately needs to be able to trust the components and tools he is using.

Risk of unintentional disconnection

Jonas himself has never been subjected to disconnection under pressure, but the risk is ever-present in his mind. However, a problem that does occur is equipment disconnecting while being dragged. The hoses and couplings are constantly subjected to stress when sliding over edges and corners in narrow spaces. When this happens, which it often does, the tool releases and falls to the pavement or onto the yaw gear with a risk of hitting hands, feet or someone further below. “The tools are big and heavy and it’s painful when they land on your feet,” says Jonas. Still it is the irritation that bothers him, as it takes time to crawl back and rig it all over again. “We often have a tight schedule, and we don’t have time for hassles like this.”

"The new locking ring lets me focus on my job instead of worrying about the tools I’m using."

Jonas Norrman, Wind power technician at
Connected Wind Services

Connected Wind about The Next Generation

Jonas has tested The Next Generation and is pleased to see how well it works. He thinks that it’s easy to manoeuvre with one hand, and he feels that he can trust it. The new locking feature puts an end to disconnection troubles. “CEJN’s new locking ring lets me focus on my job instead of worrying about the tools I’m using,” he says, continuing, “I definitely want so see this coupling on my tools in the near future, if it hasn’t already been ordered.”

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