Maximize the Efficiency of Hydraulic Attachments with ADX

Maximize the Efficiency of Hydraulic Attachments with ADX


If you are a manufacturer of hydraulic attachments for construction, demolition or agricultural machines, you know everything there is to know about getting maximum power output to the tiltrotator, grapple, hammer or crusher. We have 60 years experience in quick connect solutions and we know that our couplings can help you get unmatched power and efficiency to your hydraulic attachments.

CEJN hydraulic couplings are famed for the high surge flow resilience, robustness and reliability. The new ADX auto-dock couplings are no exception. Designed to be integrated with automated hydraulic connections, it gives a reliable and efficient connection for mobile hydraulic attachments.


ADX - Custom Auto-Dock Solutions load movie 
ADX - Custom Auto-Dock Solutions

When integrated into an auto-dock multi-plate the ADX makes it easier for the operator to safely change attachments without stepping out of the vehicle. High misalignment tolerance makes it easier to make proper connection. It can be connected or disconnected under pressure and the flat-face design minimize the spillage of hydraulic fluid.

The ADX has extremely high surge flow resilience, perfectly designed for the most demanding applications within demolition or construction. The high alloy steel with Zinc-Nickel surface treatment will withstand many hours of operation in the toughest environments and conditions.



  •  High misalignment tolerance
  •  Extreme surge flow resilience
  •  Flexible mounting for automated multi-plates
  •  Non-drip flat-face design

The ADX is especially suitable for manufacturers of hydraulic equipment to empower hydraulic attachments with market leading CEJN technology and quick connect performance.

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