Auto-Coupling Unit for Welding Robots

Auto-Coupling Unit for Welding Robots

Flexible parts
The CEJN Robot auto-coupling is a built-in solution for the easy replacement of tools on robotic equipment. Its main purpose is to provide coolant to welding robots. Changing tools on a robot, such as a robot arm for example, involves multiple connections, mostly for electricity and water, which have to be correct for the robot to work. Prior to introducing the CEJN manifold device the customer used a number of single couplings that once connected were easily damaged over time. As there was a particular issue with misalignment during connection, the CEJN manifold solution has been designed to have flexible parts that move slightly. 

Designed for optimal maintenance
The manifold unit has a flexible design that enables the operator to replace worn-out parts easily without having to disconnect the entire device. Another problem encountered by the customer was dirty water, which led to an additional CEJN solution of an integrated particle filter inside the coupling and nipple. When the filter is full, the rear section can be removed easily without having to disconnect the entire unit from the coupling device, ensuring quick and easy maintenance of the filter.  

CEJN’s role
The role of CEJN has been to serve as a consultant, a problem-solving partner, and the supplier of a final stainless steel quick connect multi-plate. Customers normally purchase single connectors for integration in their equipment, but in this case CEJN has taken on the greater responsibility of offering and delivering a concept solution with the following additional advantages:

  • Particle filtration
  • Greater alignment
  • Easy replacement of the filter or connectors without major intervention 

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Auto-Coupling Unit for Welding Robots